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Incredible Gigapan

Feb 11, 05:24 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

I actually found this a few weeks ago, right after the inauguration, but it just dawned on me to post it here. This is truly amazing. If you’ve never heard of a gigapan before, it’s a HUGE panorama consisting of hundreds of individual photos stitched together on the computer. It’s taken using a motorized robot tripod sort of thing. Crazyness.

Double click to zoom in (and keep zooming!!) and then click and drag to pan around.


Comment [3]

  1. Iak responds with:

    I posted about something kinda like this on my other weblog. Technology is so cool. :-)

    Rebuilding the inauguration with Photosynth

    · Feb 12, 10:12 AM
  2. andy responds with:

    This is awesome. You can get in almost close enough to see the Marine Band’s music. AND you can count all the famous people sitting behind Obama. It think it’s so appropriate that Dick Cheney is a in a wheel chair looking broken and craven. I also think the contrast between Michelle Obama and the old fogeys around her is amazing. Man that picture makes me feel good!

    · Feb 12, 05:31 PM
  3. Tyler Nevins responds with:

    Wow, Jake, I wasn’t able to see what you were posting at the time because I didn’t have Silverlight (and was at work and couldn’t download it.) But I just installed it and it’s AWESOME!!

    The future is NOW, baby!!

    · Feb 28, 05:42 PM
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