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Mawiage... and all that

Feb 15, 11:17 PM · from the mouth of Jim

So, what – it’s probably been at least a year since I’ve posted? ::sigh:: Sorry guys. Since obviously the world has changed a bunch since the last time (literally, we don’t have an economy any more, two of us are engaged, one of us has sowed his oats again and we hopefully won’t be laughed at and otherwise hated so much in around the world), I figured I would give an update a try. :)

So on to the topic of mawiage… some rough infoz so you guys can hopefully be prepared since things have to remain a tiny bit open-ended for a bit longer…

Ceremony/Reception 1 Location: Guana Cay (pronounced “key”), Bahamas
Date: TBD – Spring Break for Sarah of 2010 (prolly third week of March)
Passports: Required – you’re probably all up to date, but just a reminder…

So here’s the deal in a nutshell: Sarah and I really want a destination wedding – specifically a beach wedding – which until CA breaks off and sinks bringing Atlantis back and converting the western slope into some gorgeous beach-front property, we can’t have it in CO. Since Sarah’s ‘rents (mom and step-dad) have a place in the Bahamas, it just makes sense for us to have the wedding there. (That and it’s mind-numbingly gorgeous).

The basic plan is this: we want to do it over spring break of 2010, but we can’t know precisely when that is until next year’s school calendar is released. Typically her spring break happens in the third week of March, so plan on that being the most likely time. We anticipate going out there at the front-end of the week and having the actual ceremony and reception on the Friday night of that week. We realize that this will probably make it a little bit harder on people, so we’re going to call the official ceremony piece “small and private” and have a second relaxed reception in CO at a later date. We obviously cry if we couldn’t have all the Goofy Guys out, but if it becomes absolutely impossible to achieve, we totally understand.

There are a ton of places on the island (both private cottages for rent as well as a couple of “resort” style hotels, so we’re hoping to coordinate some type of deal, or deals, for the close famry and friends. We’re hoping to get out to the island this early summer to do our homework, so we’ll likely have some good details in a few months.

If you’re curious about the island, you can jump out to Sarah’s ‘rent’s site and use that as a hopping point to find out more info about the island. It’s an amazing place, so we really hope that everyone will be able to get out and enjoy a fantastic celebration with us!

In other news, I do I believe I received a text message that had the words: “colorado” and “we” and “celebrate” (i’ll ignore the 30 part :) ). These are all favorite words of mine when combined together as they were, so here here! Come one, come all!!! Seriously though, I obviously think this is an absolutely swell idea. I’ll take a look at the calendar and see if we can get a nice little thread going to discuss some potential times. We start getting pretty busy again (if things go well) in late May, and we also already have a bunch of stuff that is planned for around then, so I’ll throw some known-bad-times out and maybe we can all come to consensus. A fair warning though… my house is officially “the barrio” of our street. My re-grading project ran out of money and time and it’s officially scary – we are “them” of the street so you’ll have to pardon the ambiance.

Anywho, yeah – so there is my first posting in nearly a year. :)


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  1. Tyler Nevins responds with:

    One word: YEAY-holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-we’re-going-to-the-Bahamas-this-is-going-to-be-so-great-did-you-see-how-clear-blue-the-water-is-in-Sarah’s-rents’-pictures!!??

    Seriously. That rocks! I’m psyched.

    And “Yay” to Colorado trip as well… Keep in mind I have a second spawnling due in early May, so it’ll have be either like in the next few weeks, or significantly more into the summer.

    And yeah… both you and Andy are behind in your posting. I expect full proposal write-ups from both of you. Or at least brief, abridged versions. And yeah, I saw the photos on your Facebook page, so I know you’re up to something big at your studio too. Care to share?

    So yeah. To reiterate: Can’t wait for Bahamas, can’t wait for Colorado, and I’d also like a little more of a life update from everyone.

    I’ll go first: Jess and I are starting to look for a house or a place to build one. Since I’m the sole breadwinner, our budget is very low and therefore so are our options. But we’re looking! So far the most promising things we’ve seen have been a foreclosure in the Candlewood Lakes area of Danbury/New Fairfield, and a plot of land in Pawling (a.k.a. East Bumf**k) NY.


    · Feb 16, 06:33 PM
  2. Tyler Nevins responds with:

    BTW, here’s the pic I was referring to from Sarah’s Rents’ house:

    Awesome. Would I be right to assume those are Jimmy/Sarah pictures?

    · Feb 16, 06:38 PM
  3. andy responds with:

    holy crap that island looks gorgeous. Hooray for a destination wedding!

    Lisa and I are in for sure. Given that I don’t get a break in March, we’ll probably have to arrive on the Thursday late evening or Friday morning if I can cash in a personal day. But hopefully that’ll still work out. My concern is: how do we get there? I can’t even figure out where we fly to… help Jimothy!

    There are 2 times when I’m basically available for a Colorado trip: April 9-19 (my version of spring break), or the month of August. I think Jake’s going somewhere in April, but I’ll leave it to him confirm that. Does anything in there work?

    In Pease-Samols wedding news, we’re aiming for a NYC ceremony in August 2010. We’re still looking at spaces, tasting food, and comparing prices. It’ll most likely be a Saturday evening affair with a rehearsal dinner the night before, which I’ll want all of you at of course.

    And maybe I can also solicit your advice! We’re looking at a photographer who did a friend’s wedding. He only does 30 weddings a year, and he costs a whopping $4500!! But we’re almost inclined to think he’s worth it. Any advice from the professionals on the site?

    · Feb 17, 06:37 PM
  4. Iak responds with:

    I am definitely in on the wedding. I’ve already dropped some hints and I’m fairly certain it will be the easiest event to find a date to… ever.

    As for Colorado the issue is I have things going on in April, and possibly in August too. I’d feel terrible if I can’t make it but you shouldn’t cancel on my account. April 3rd-11th I’ll be in Japan. August is still up in the air but I might have a foursome going to Ireland. The lack of vacation time is not an issue currently, so if timing works out I can make it.

    Link fixed. Normally you do the same thing you do with posts, some good ole Textile (there’s even a link below this box with some examples).

    · Feb 18, 02:17 PM
  5. Ty responds with:

    Dude, that photographer Andy linked to has some impressive stuff. The underwater stuff is nuts! Jimmy, do I see a dunk tank in your studio’s future? ;)

    I worry that the April 9-19th slot is getting dangerously close to my boy’s due date. Jess would never forgive me (nor would I forgive myself) if I missed the birth. He’s not due till May 9th, and a birth that early is highly unlikely, but you never know.

    August sounds good to me… I think…

    · Feb 18, 03:16 PM
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