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Colorado -and- Happy Beefday Jimmy!!

Mar 30, 01:47 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Okay, so I posted about this subject in my St. Pats thread, but it never turned into anything. So I’ll give it it’s own post. And I’ll email you guys about it too.

I didn’t take that picture— found it with Google Image search. But we’ve been there! Remember? Last time, I stupidly didn’t bring a camera!! I just bought a disposable somewhere. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Won’t make that mistake again!

Anyway, Andy has mentioned that his preferred dates of travel would be Tuesday June 30th to Monday July 6th. Though since I don’t get any vacation time, I’d prefer to shave a day or so off of that. I’d propose either an evening flight on Tuesday the 30th or an early morning flight on Wednesday the 1st, then an evening flight on July 5th if possible.

Jimmy, since we’d be crashing your house, you get a say in the matter. And Jake, feel free to chime in as well…

And by the way…

Happy Beefday Jimmy!!

Now you’re an old fogey too. Andy has a couple days left, and I’ve still got another 6 months of being a 20-something. ;) Sure, I’m technically in my late, LATE 20’s, but who’s counting, really? Anywho, hope you had a great 30th.

Okay, start chiming in…


Comment [2]

  1. andy responds with:

    I’m all in. Ty, your dates sound good – I’d prefer the Tuesday evening flight if we can swing it.

    I love our bday season. Right now, VERY briefly, you (Jim and Jake) are 30 and I’m not. =)

    · Mar 30, 05:21 PM
  2. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    Sorry guys, I never even saw this until now… I don’t think Jim ever did either…

    · Jun 6, 04:05 AM
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