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Apr 23, 05:25 PM · from the mouth of Andy

It’s been awfully quiet here… yet so many questions remain unanswered!

TYLER – are you a daddy twice over yet?

JAKE – How was Japan? Where’s the posting?!

JIMMY – Are we go for Colorado on or near the Fourth????? I really want to know! Lisa and I have the days set aside. Even BRYAN wants to come!! Plus I have to plan how much Ommegang and what kind to pack for the trip! There are so many varieties…

Let’s keep this old beast breathing. Make me a comment, or I will hunt you down and… and… well, I don’t know, but it won’t be entirely pleasant!


Comment [3]

  1. Ty responds with:

    Geez. Yeah. I guess even I haven’t been checking as much lately, considering I’m just now seeing this 5 days after it was posted.

    Not a daddy (again) yet. Due date is May 9th, and so far there are no signs that he’ll be early. But here’s a recent picture of him in his current location, as well as a couple of his cute big brother and some goofy guys:

    As far as a trip is concerned, I just did a quick search of Orbitz and PriceLine, and the cheapest flight right now is a layover at $243, or a direct flight at $279. It’s only going to go up from there.

    Did you say Bryan wants to come?! Word.

    Jake, you definitely should post about your trip. In the meantime though, here’s a link to his Flickr page:

    Mmmmmm. Ommegang…

    · Apr 28, 06:21 PM
  2. Ty responds with:

    I just sent Jimmy an email requesting his presence here. Questions need to be answered. Jimmy, weren’t you just telling us how you hooked up an RSS feed on your crackberry so you’d never miss another post? How’s that going for you?

    Also Jake, just looked at your pics. Did you seriously go to both Disney World in Florida AND Disneyland Tokyo in the last couple of weeks? That’s pretty funny. What’s funnier is that I get into both those parks for free, as well as Disneyland CA and EuroDisney, and yet haven’t been to ANY of them! I should go sometime. Yeah.

    Completely unrelated, but here’s a recipe for homemade bagels. Looks fun, and relatively easy. I read a fabulous review of them in this fun article on Slate.

    · Apr 28, 07:00 PM
  3. Iak responds with:

    I hope I get everything on here. I’ve been MIA long enough that everything is scattered around and I’ll probably miss something. =O

    Colorado: Well as I’ve mentioned before I have another big trip tentatively planned in August to Ireland. So I think I can make it, but maybe something like Thursday (Wednesday night?) to Sunday since I have Friday off and would only have to use one day. Out of curiosity, Yimmy, how much would a trip from the airport to your house cost? I’d hate for you have to run a shuttle and pick us all up at different times over different days. ;-)

    Japan: Japan was plenty of fun, I guess I can try to start a post about it, but I wasn’t planning on it. I pondered putting it over on the other weblog (Re¢ently), but it’s just so much info to include in one post. And I don’t have any big stories that stand out to highlight. I was hoping the photos would stand on their own. ;-) But I will see if I can whip something up.

    And yes I did go to both Disney’s in less than a month. I couldn’t help jumping on the opportunity. Now I only have Euro Disney and Disney Hong Kong to see and I’ll have all 5 under my belt.

    And as seen in the pictures, I did located Nintendo headquarters for Andrew. =)

    Was there anything else? I already responded to the Asante redesign email. I think I need a personal assistant…

    Nice Pics Ty!

    · May 3, 08:59 PM
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