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Jun 4, 01:21 AM · from the mouth of Andy

So Lisa and I have been saving the dates for a Colorado excursion on 4th of July weekend. Sarah says it’s great idea (although Jimmy is mum – say something Jimothy!!) What say the rest of you? We’re flexible on exact dates.

Hope all’s well with babies (Tyty) and travel (Jakey-poo) and millions of photos of barely legal girls (Jimmy-pie).

Love Andy =)


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Wow. Yeah. Okay. I kind of assumed that after not answering multiple Goofy posts and emails, Jimmy didn’t want us to come or something. So I kind of put it out of my mind.

    Now that we’re thinking about it again, I just checked airfare, and it’s a bit pricier than when we first started talking about it over the winter. Cheapest flight with layovers is in the $306 – $320 range, and the cheapest direct flights are now $400. (According to Orbitz.)

    With less notice now, and higher prices, I’m kinda grumpy about it. But I probably shouldn’t be. Grumpiness isn’t going to get us anywhere. And I could’ve tried harder a few months ago to make this thing work. (By, say, picking up the phone…)

    So there. Grumpiness over! :) I would LOVE a vacation, and would LOVE to see Jimmy and Sarah and Colorado again. So let’s get this conversation rolling, shall we?? Without clearing it with Jess or my employer, I’ll give a tentative “I’m IN!”

    - – -

    BTW, Jimmy and Sarah, I did start work on your new website. But then the baby came, and work stopped. Plus I had to reinstall the OS on my Mac, and lost my CS Suite. Sorry…. :)

    · Jun 4, 01:50 PM
  2. andy responds with:

    Yay Tyty!

    I checked several airfare sites last night (and double checked just now). The best rates I saw were $278 for a layover and $315 for direct, all from NYC airports. That, though, includes a stay into Monday the 6th (staying over Sunday always makes it cheaper). Prices fall even more if we stay from Tuesday the 30th to Tuesday the 7th. But even I can’t stay that long, sadly. My preferred dates are (I think) Weds the 1st OR Thursday the 2nd to Monday the 6th.


    · Jun 4, 04:36 PM
  3. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    I am sorry you are grumpy Ty. We would love to see you guys.

    To be honest it was sorta the same on my end. I didn’t hear any rumblings about it for a while so I assumed everyone had too much going on to make it out here. :) Ain’t communication fun?

    It’s alll good.

    Though feel free to give Jim chit about being a poor communicator. It’s not just you guys… :D (I’m not sure if Jim even checks goofy guys any more… you can give him chit about that too…)

    · Jun 6, 04:04 AM
  4. Jim responds with:

    O hai guys – I do really apologize for my lax and crappy communication policies. a) I have always sucked at it, b) I can hardly keep up these days with the four million forms of info streams shooting at me. I’m very sorry that grumpiness entered the picture. I guess I honestly figured the same as Sarah – it seemed to fizzle, but now I realize that’s in part due to me not keeping the discussion open.

    In any case, we definitely would love to have you out if you can make it w/o a ton of stress or financial burden. Honestly, at this point, we’re holding on to our finances by our finger nails, so we totally understand the role that money plays in it. As Sarah had noted to Andy at some point very recently, the only gotcha to you guys coming out will be that we might have to drag ya along to a few shoots (and hope to dear god you don’t scare anyone off.) :-D Kidding, but seriously, that’d be the only catch. Honestly though, shoots are kinda fun, so I doubt it’d be all the horrible and I’m sure there’d be some stuff for you to do if you didn’t want to accompany.

    Tyty, don’t even worry about the site. While it’s something that’s in need of attention, we knew that Parker was going to play a defensive role in it. :) I recently went through the ‘puter death game as one of my disks decided to hate life and it was going to be a ton faster just to pull the data off my my mirror and rebuild. Rebuilding is teh sux bad and it definitely sets you back for weeks until everything is kosher, reinstalled and reconfigured to your liking.

    ::moo:: anyway, i’ll try to be better about checking goofy guys…

    · Jun 6, 04:24 AM
  5. andy responds with:

    Yay Jimmy lives!

    I have no problem coming to shoots. I also have no problem doing low budget things. Like I said to Sarah on Facebook, we can save the skydiving, diamond-studded crunk teeth, single malt scotch baths, and matching technicolor tattoos for the next visit. =) The only thing I really truly wanna spend money on is local beer. But if we work this out I also intend to bring along an assortment of Ommegang bottles for our collective enjoyment, so that will relieve some of that need. Also I see little need for us to ever eat out ever, what with at least three gourmet chefs hanging around (Tyler, Lisa, Jim – sorry Sarah I have no idea even WHETHER you cook!)

    I’m supposed to see Jake and Bryan today, so I’ll try to get a read from them. I know Bryan mentioned before he might want to just come out for part of the time.

    And Jim, have no doubt: we love your sweet ass no matter what. And I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we’re thrilled to hear officially that you want us out there!

    So, what dates do you guys like for us?

    · Jun 6, 11:59 AM
  6. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    It looked like flights were cheapest June 30-July 7, but really whatever works out for the flights. We’re home starting June 20 so like I said, any time after that and before August 1. :)

    And I can cook, though I do let Jimmy do most of it because he likes it and is good at it. It’s relaxing for him most of the time. I have a few things I’ve had to teach him to make, southern cooking like biscuits and gravy and country fried steak (though we haven’t made that in a long time lol).

    To warn you the two of us have turned into “carnivorous vegetarians”. We’ve tried making mostly vegetarian foods but still eat meat when the occasion calls for it. It is 1) cheaper, 2) healthier, and 3) better for the planet. But don’t worry, we aren’t completely anti-meat. I still gotsta have a steak every once in a while. Hehehe. But we’ve gotten rather good at some vegetarian meals that we’ll have to make for you guys, I don’t think you’d ever miss the meat… wontons and egg drop soup, seared tofu with Chinese broccoli and soba noodles, Mediterranean pizza with tofu “cheese”, and lots of others.

    · Jun 6, 03:05 PM
  7. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    Oh and I did the math: I can fit 5 in my car (4 comfortably) and Jim can fit 4 in his car so that should be good. I have the 2007 VW Rabbit and Jim still has his 99 Acura Integra. If everyone arrives at the airport at once we can bring my car and Jim’s truck to pick you up… then we can put all of the luggage into the truck and Jim can haul 1 person (3 if needed, but the back of the cab is squishy) in the truck and the rest can go in my car. :D

    · Jun 6, 03:18 PM
  8. Ty responds with:

    Yeay!! Sorry I expressed grumpiness before. Like I said, the communication breakdown was as much my fault as anyone’s. I was relying too heavily on GoofyGuys as a forum, but even I had let my “Goofing” slip in recent weeks.

    Local beer, Ommegang, and carnivorous vegetarianism sounds great to me. I may need some convincing with that Tofu cheese (I love Tofu, but in my experience, when tofu pretends to be something else, it falls short.) but I’ll definitely keep an open mind and an open mouth.

    Oh yeah, and we’re going to be making at least one batch of Jimmy’s famous margaritas. Just putting that out there. It’s non-negotiable.

    Oh, AND: I remember Jimmy saying that he has most of the equipment for brewing, but just hasn’t taken the final step…. May I suggest that we take that final step together. As a family. You may not be able to buy happiness, but you sure can brew it! Here’s a nice-looking homebrew store in Boulder.

    So yeah. We’re coming, and you can’t stop us now! I still gotta clear it with Disney, and figure out plans for the wife, babies, and dogs, but I think we can do this. As far as dates, I think the best for me work-wise would be July 1st (evening preferably) – July 6th. I’d love to make it longer, but I technically don’t get ANY vacation time whatsoever through my job.

    So, continue discussing, and when we’re clear, let’s buy some plane tickets before prices go up again!! I’ll be happy to buy them all together (if we want to do that) and have you guys pay me, if you want to make sure we all get on the same flight.

    Woo hoo!!

    · Jun 6, 06:02 PM
  9. Jim responds with:

    MMmmmm, beeeeeeeer… Oh, so to add to the deliciousness, I have an Allegash Tripel Reserve that is actually traceable to its batch and was intended to be cellared, which I did. I believe it is going on at least 5 or more years old now. May be a big bottle of vinegar or piss, but it could be heaven. I’ve been waiting to crack it until the goofyness blessed this state again. I also have a four pack of North Coast Brewing’s Old Stock Ale that’s birth was in 2003 that I’ve been cellaring as well.

    As for brewing – I’m totally game. I actually really only have 2 5-gal carboys as far as brewing equipment goes, the airlock that I got was broken and I never really got the rest of the equip. However, the airlocks are obviously cheap and I do have a large stock pot that would be good for the wort. When it came time for me to bottle, I’m relatively sure I could call on a few different friends for a loan on the rest of the gear.

    Margs… hmmm… hehehe, OK. So as long as you guys would be K with splitting the booze cost, I’m game (unfortunately those things aren’t cheap to make; and our liquor cabinet is just about empty now with virtually no hope of restocking ‘til the economy & photography takes off.)

    Some warnings: we no longer have a deck (it had to be removed for the re-grading of the property, but we ran out of money and couldn’t replace it.) We also have no front stoop, or fancy walkway from the same project. We also replaced our windows at the same time, but ran out of money again and now we have exposed lots of the needing-to-be-replaced siding on the house and haven’t had the time or money to replace the trim. Over-all, we’re sorry to admit that that house is a tiny bit on the extremely white-trash side of the societal scale. Oh yeah, we also have a wild field in the back rather than grass and a typical yard. Sorry guys… but things’ll be clean and healthy at least. :)

    We’ll also shut the brothel down we’ve been running in the basement while you’re hear.

    Wewt!!! Goofy Guys in CO again – this is exciting.

    · Jun 6, 07:42 PM
  10. andy responds with:

    Hooray comments!

    All sounds great, though I share Tyler’s distrust of tofu-substitutes. Lisa also has some vegetarian items up her sleave which we should try to together. And I’m totally game for splitting the margarita cost. Word.

    Now about dates: the 2nd is the best departure date for us. Lisa’s aunt and uncle are coming into town on the 1st so we need to see them for at least bit. But the best (cheapest) flights are early in the morning on the 2nd, so it would be best if you CT boys stayed over at our place Wednesday night. Doesn’t matter when you get in, as long as we can get on a flight together in the morning.

    I spoke to Jake and Bryan this weekend. Jake is tentatively in, Bryan is out (he has to work on the 3rd! =( ) How about we aim to confirm who’s coming for sure by tomorrow (Monday) evening, with the idea that we’ll leave the 2nd and come back the 6th. That’s only 2 work days off, since the 3rd is a federal holiday! (Except for Bryan… sigh…)

    · Jun 7, 08:28 PM
  11. Ty responds with:

    Okay, I got an official OKAY from my bosses for the trip. So I’M IN!! Yeay!!

    I just did some quick checking on, and the cheapest flight right now is through United and costs $340 including all fees (which isn’t actually THAT bad.). That flight leaves LaGuardia at 7am and arrives in Denver at 10:42am, with a short layover in Chicago. The return flight is direct, but gets in at 11:37pm. I can deal with that late night trip, but in case you’d like to get home earlier in the day, there are other options.

    Kayak is extremely cool. It lets you filter your results by all sorts of factors, including take off time, landing time, airports, etc. This may be the best option, even though it’s $10 more:

    American Airlines – $350

    LGA 6:10a – DEN 10:13a (1 layover)
    DEN 11:00a – LGA 6:40p (1 layover)

    I excluded Newark airport because the options weren’t so much better that I thought we should bother with it. I remember it being kind of a hassle to get there. But we can still consider it if you want.

    So if we can get Jake to decide and give us a definite YES or NO (Yes, preferably!), then we can book this flight and stop worrying about it.


    · Jun 8, 02:19 PM
  12. andy responds with:

    Hmm… I guess those cheaper flights I saw were all through Newark. How about that! That’s OK though – Laguardia is by far the closest airport to our place, and is even accessible by a public bus that picks up right on broadway. Newark involves subway, NJ transit train ($$), and their special “AirTrain” so it is quite the transport odyssey, even it isn’t as hard to get to as it once was. Going through Laguardia would make things relatively comfortable compared to the other airports.

    Either time frame you mentioned is fine for us. If either of you guys need to stay over on the return trip that’s fine too. I leave it to Jake to decide what works best.

    · Jun 8, 03:24 PM
  13. Iak responds with:

    Well I’ve been looking around myself, and I’m not sure I can stay the extra day. Even though it’s cheaper. Which would cause some issues with me getting home. =( I can definitely get Thursday off though. I am fairly certain I am definitely in.

    If it makes you feel better, I spent a good chunk of time and multiple emails trying to figure out what to do for dinner tonight.

    · Jun 8, 06:00 PM
  14. andy responds with:

    So… what do we do about Jake’s schedule? Do we all go home on the 5th? Do we send Jake home a day early? No offense to Jake, but I vote for the latter option. Of course there’s also the option that Jake could just use a sick day… =)

    Seriously, let’s decide soon so we can have our plane tickets taken care of.

    · Jun 9, 09:42 AM
  15. Ty responds with:

    Well, I’m fine either way, but leaving on the 5th would potentially be more expensive, unless we leave EARLY in the morning and have layovers. Plus, that’d mean only 2 full days there, which doesn’t seem like enough to me. So I think I lean towards coming home on the 6th, but really either way is fine.

    We could make a day of going to Denver when we drop Jake off for his flight. And maybe the other days we could spend in Boulder, maybe a nice hike in the mountains, and of course we’ll want to see the studio and go on shoots with you, and do some homebrewing, etc….

    Also Jimmy and Sarah, in reference to Jimmy’s note above about the the current state of Cantrarris Manor, I can only speak for myself, but if there’s anything we can do to help while we’re there, I’d be more than happy to put in a couple of hours of man power. Painting, weed whacking, moving dirt, hammering, whatever. Just throwing it out there.

    Okay, Jake and Andy: let’s make a decision about this and book some tickets TODAY. Kay?

    · Jun 9, 12:41 PM
  16. andy responds with:

    OK. My decision’s made. (See above). Jake? Please? Pretty Please? =)

    · Jun 10, 12:49 AM
  17. Iak responds with:

    Sorry ‘bout that. I didn’t get a chance to manually check the site and the RSS feed didn’t say there was an update till this morning.

    I was talking with Carissa yesterday and she’d be willing to drive me to the airport at some point. So since I’d basically be on a different schedule to begin with I think you guys can order your tickets together, and I’ll try and find a plane from White Plains or Bradley and just deal with the layover. I mean heck, I’d have trouble making it into the city Wednesday night at a reasonable time. Ugh… this is gonna get expensive…

    · Jun 10, 11:08 AM
  18. Jim responds with:

    Sweeet… sweaty manual labor rox. Let’s put TyTy under the whip for about 10 hours, collect all his sweat and then use that for the brew. We’ll call it, Summer TyAle. We could even get him to gnaw on some grass for a light, back yard and trashy flavor. Who needs hops…

    Awesome guys… getting excited…

    · Jun 10, 07:09 PM
  19. Iak responds with:

    Ummm… so did you guys buy your tickets? What time are you arriving in Colorado? I’d like to arrive roughly the same time. =)

    · Jun 11, 04:09 PM
  20. Ty responds with:

    Yup, I JUST booked them.

    Our incoming itinerary is as follows:

    July 2nd: Depart LaGuardia on Midwest Airlines, flight #89, at 7:05am. Layover in Kansas City, MO, then Depart on United flight #733 at 11:54am (local time) and arrives in Denver at 12:46pm.

    Return flight info:

    July 6th: Depart Denver on American Airlines flight #612 at 2:50pm, layover in Chicago, then departing there on American Airlines flight #346 at 7:45pm, arriving at LaGuardia at 11:14pm.

    · Jun 11, 04:37 PM
  21. Iak responds with:

    Okie dokie, I booked on Southwest last night out of Bradley. =) The good news is I land about five minutes after you guys in Denver. The bad news is my return flight is Sunday morning. Anything later in the day was a lot more expensive. Here are the basics.

    I leave around 8:40am and arrive in Denver at 12:50pm on flight 606.

    Sunday I leave Denver, flight 260, at 9:35am and get back to Connecticut about 5pm.

    It stinks I miss a day, but I’m glad I can still make it. And what are the chances my plane would arrive at practically the same time?

    · Jun 12, 12:24 PM
  22. Ty responds with:

    Well that’s great, Jake! Pretty awesome that your flight arrives the same time as ours!

    And I don’t think its so bad that your flight is in the morning. The rest of us can spend the morning in Denver and have lunch and beers at a brew pub, then still have the rest of the day to do whatever.

    Love Ty.

    · Jun 12, 03:13 PM
  23. Sarah responds with:

    Flights sound good. I’ve got your itineraries on our calendar. Yay! I’m excited for you guys to come out as long as you promise not to notice the poor condition of the house, as above :D Hehehe.

    Are you guys going to check bags or do carry on? Most airlines now charge for any checked bag, it’s not complimentary any more, lame. I recommend doing all carry on if you can. You can use our washer and dryer if you want while you’re here and I won’t scoff if you wear the same outfits multiple times :)

    As for the fourth— lots of options. We can go see fireworks at a number of places, at a lake in Loveland or at a park near to us or, for a little more ($15-35 per ticket) we can see soccer or lacrosse games followed by fireworks.
    Let me know what sounds fun to you :) We could do a BBQ by ourselves or I bet I can coordinate w/ my dad to do a BBQ with my fam which would be really fun, they’d love to meet you all and my dad makes KILLER BBQ

    It might be fun if you all bring a nice pair of jeans and a nice black shirt (short sleeve) and maybe we can do a quick group photo shoot of you :)

    Andy and Lisa— if you want to dress cute maybe we can do some quick engagement photos. Find outfits that compliment one another… so that you have similar tones.

    Let me know what you want to do :)

    · Jun 15, 02:19 AM
  24. Ty responds with:

    Yeay! Sounds great Sarahmonster!

    I’m not all that interested in soccer or lacrosse games, but I’m definitely down for fireworks! And of course, if everyone else wants to go see a game, I’ll gladly tag along. :)

    BBQ is always good, whether by ourselves or with the ‘Monster family.

    Group photo sounds cool. You’ll have to Photoshop out the beer gut and double chin, though!

    And speaking of Beer (yes, I think it deserves to be capitalized) here’s a list of a few breweries/brewpubs I wouldn’t mind checking out: Left Hand, Great Divide, Flying Dog, Boulder Beer, Brekenridge, Oscar Blues. There are many others of course. I don’t expect to hit them all, but a small sampling would be nice. :)

    And now, completely unrelated, here’s a fantastic video for RockBand: The Beatles. I don’t care much about the video game, but the video rocks!! Andy will appreciate this for sure.
    Darn. I tried to embed the video, but it won’t work. I’ve done it here before!! Oh well, just click this link to watch it, and be sure to watch at high quality and in full screen. It’s less than 3 minutes long, and totally worth it.

    · Jun 15, 06:26 PM
  25. Ty responds with:

    Dude. Another awesome YouTube video…

    This was an art project by a guy at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s a stop-motion animation using post-its. It’s fabulous. Watch it. Now.

    And Jake, if you can figure out why I’m having trouble embedding YouTube videos here, I’d love to know how to do it properly. I know I’ve done it before.

    · Jun 17, 03:19 PM
  26. Iak responds with:

    I believe the issue is that you’re posting to the comments. Embedding should work in an actual post, but the comments have more restrictions on them to prevent spam.

    · Jun 18, 11:42 AM
  27. Ty responds with:

    Okay, I’m totally getting away from the conversation at hand here, but didn’t think any of these things deserved their own post.

    Here’s Parker this morning, on his one month birthday. (Don’t mind the lousy photo… I shot it with my iPhone and fixed it up as best as I could.)

    · Jun 18, 01:33 PM
  28. andy responds with:

    What a cute baby! And do I see correctly that he’s a red-head? I suspect each parent now has a favorite child…

    Sarah: Lisa and I definitely want to do some sort of engagement photo while we’re out there with you professional-type photo folks. Nothing big, fancy, or at all difficult for you guys. Just tack us on the end of another shoot or something. But we’re excited for it! Also, Lisa loves fireworks. Just putting that out there.

    And speaking of wedding photography, we had a meeting yesterday with that expensive photographer I mentioned earlier. I think we’re gonna go with him. Check out his amazing site

    There’s lots of wedding talk going on for us now. I hope you guys don’t mind if we pick your collective brains on some design things while we’re in Colorado together. =)

    Finally, a bit of randomness. I love the Muppets. For my summer band, I found a video of my three favorite characters singing “O Danny Boy”. Check it out embedded at the bottom of this link

    (I’m at school and thus can’t get at YouTube to find the direct link!)

    28 comments… alright!

    · Jun 18, 02:31 PM
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