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Colorado part 2 - food!

Jun 22, 10:13 PM · from the mouth of Andy

The comments are getting long on the last post. So we’re moving.

Lisa and I have been thinking about what we’ll eat in Colorado. By my count we’ll be having 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners together (1 less of each for Jake). So there’s lots of room to play with what we might wanna eat. Here are a couple of thoughts that we’re having at the moment:

1. Lisa makes some very unique wings using red currant jelly and hot sauce. They would be good to have along with some other appetizer-type stuff.
2. We also have an egg cuber. Seriously, it makes hard-boiled eggs into cubes.
3. We also like poached eggs, usually with some kind of salmon. And Lisa makes her own biscuits (although altitude might be a factor for those). And she makes some of the world’s best scones. Not to mention pancakes from scratch. In fact, we have lots of brunch tricks that might come in handy. So let’s have at least one brunch. =)
4. Is it safe to assume we’re grilling something on the 4th?

I also am figuring out how I’ll bring 6 bottles of Ommegang (1 of each variety) out there… United makes it sound difficult! Anyone have any experience with this?

So, what else can we expect to eat?


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Wow, that egg cuber is something! I can’t think of too many practical uses for it, but funny enough to warrant owning one. If nothing else, just for the right to say you have an egg cuber, and post a link to a silly YouTube video of it. Well done, Andy.

    I love brunch. ‘Specially Lisa’s. So I’ll definitely be up for that. And red currant jelly wings sound great!

    And while I think the majority of our food should be homemade, I wouldn’t mind hitting up one or two brew pubs for food and drink while we’re out there. I hear that Boulder Beer has had a facelift since we were last there!

    Also, just like you guys like to eat seafood when you come out to the east coast, I wouldn’t mind sampling some uniquely Coloradan food (if there is any). Considering your relative proximity to New Mexico and Arizona, I assume you have a decent selection of Southwestern fare. And I would imagine you’ve got a few good BBQ joints out there too. Mmmmmm. I’m getting hungry.

    Andy, if bringing beer on the plane is too much of a hassle, you might consider UPSing it ahead of time. I for one don’t plan on checking any luggage… between our layovers and the fact that I think they charge for that now, it seems difficult. And they sure as hell aren’t going to let you bring it in your carry-on! But it’s obviously up to you.


    · Jun 24, 04:49 PM
  2. Ty responds with:

    Oh, just thought of this… If we don’t hit a BBQ place, I can make my own!! Over the years I’ve perfected the art of BBQ. Not Barbeque-ING, which we northerners use loosely to refer to cooking burgers (or whatever) on the grill, but BARBEQUE, which is Southern speak for pulled pork.

    All I need is a big enough crock-pot, a pork shoulder, some seasonings, and about 8-12 hours. Then serve it on a white hamburger bun with a side of baked beans and slaw, and of course some good beer, and you’re good to go. Jimmy, I’m pretty sure you have a crock-pot, since you gave me your recipe for HOMEMADE baked beans.

    Mmmmm. Still hungry.

    · Jun 24, 08:08 PM
  3. Sarah responds with:

    Hmmm, uniquely Coloradoan food, eh? I’m not sure if that exists!

    The only things we can think of are maybe bison burgers or finding a good Mexican place. Other than that, we eat everyone else’s food around here :)

    Boulder has the Dushanbe Teahouse, built in Tajikistan, its sister city, then shipped in pieces and reassembled in Boulder. They serve all kinds of Asian/Middle Eastern/World foods that are very delicious. It’s a bit of an upscale place, not toooo pricey but a bit more than say Applebee’s, but well worth the experience. And since it is a teahouse, there are about a million choices for tea :) They serve lunch and dinner, a great compliment to a day spent around Boulder.

    Also in Boulder is the Rio, a Mexican restaurant famous for its killer margaritas. A favorite haunt from college years.

    One thing we would like to do is Dim Sum one morning. There’s a great place just as good as we had in Hong Kong just 5 minutes from our house! It was brand new in February so we’re still super stoked about it.

    My dad said he’d love to meet you all so we can go BBQ at his place on the 4th if you like, then go hit up some fireworks. I figure our gang can bring the margs, potato salad, and maybe some brined smoked drumsticks…

    Ty, we do have a crock pot, though I don’t remember the size. It’s not a big one though I don’t think :(

    We can make seared tofu with soba noodles and a side of Chinese broccoli one night. It’s one of our new favorite meals and great for a hot summer day. Sometimes I stir fry some vegetables to go with it too. We usually eat it for dinner but it can be lunch too.

    I will say that we have gotten pretty darn good at our biscuits and gravy, if I do say so myself, if you’re all interested in that. It’s traditionally a breakfast meal but can be dinner too.

    There are a million other things we can make as well. We have our new favorite cook book so we can go through there and have you guys pick out things that look yummy when you get here too :)


    · Jun 24, 11:12 PM
  4. Iak responds with:

    I think I need to stop eating…

    Why do I feel like an extended weekend isn’t enough for all the food choices and activities? Why aren’t we all independently wealthy yet?

    · Jun 26, 11:27 AM
  5. andy responds with:

    I’m with you Jake!

    All these food options sound phenomenal. Really, are we gonna have anywhere near enough time for all this? Now some responses:

    Brunch is a definite go. We can use the egg cuber for it. Hooray!

    The beers on a plane thing (Motherf*cking beers on a motherf*cking plane!) has been solved! My local wine store was kind enough to sell me the packaging they use to ship wine all around the country. So, six bottles of Ommegang are coming with us: Ommegang Abbey Ale, 3 Philosophers, Rare Vos, Witte, Hennepin, and Ommegeddon. Yum!

    I’d also be up for Colorado local food. Especially if it involves Colorado local beer. =) So Tyty, I’m also with you on at least one brew trip.

    Dim Sum sounds great! Lisa and I love NYC chinatown Dim Sum, and it sounds like this place is just as good.

    Also, BBQ with Daddy Cantrell sounds great too. So many options…!

    Something tells me we won’t go hungry on this trip… =)

    · Jun 26, 11:54 AM
  6. Sarah responds with:

    Oh yes, these are all just ideas. LoL. You guys are funny.

    · Jun 28, 07:10 PM
  7. Ty responds with:

    Just remembered Sarah’s suggestion that we bring nice jeans and a black t-shirt for a photo shoot, so since I’m packing now, I’ll do that. You guys should too (if you want.)


    · Jun 30, 08:46 PM
  8. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    K so here is a tentative plan I am formulating (all things non-business related are flexible)…

    -12:30pm: Arrive at airport to pick up hooligans
    -1:30pm: Have lunch at a brewery of Jimmy’s recommendation, perhaps downtown Denver (I don’t know lol)
    -go grocery shopping for the upcoming days
    -dinner at the house??

    -11:00am: Dim Sum (my mom and step dad may join us, you’ll love them…)
    -1:00pm: Jim and I have a consult at the studio we need to be to
    -2:00pm: (ish) studio shoots with the goofy guys and Andy/Lisa?? Have a lunch snack thing at the studio.
    -3:30pm: Jim and I have a shoot to do, will probably last until 6pm or so…
    -Dinner Time (6 or 7 pm): Dinner at another brewery or in Boulder or something, we’ll discuss
    -Night Time: start prepping drumsticks and margs for the fourth!!

    -8 or 9am: Wake up to start smoking drumsticks and make potato salad if we didn’t do it the night before
    -12pm: Head to Papa Cantrell’s for BBQ
    -S’mores at Daddy’s! He has a (ghetto) fire pit!
    -Night Time: Fireworks, probably at the lake??

    -6:30 or 7am: head to airport to take Jake (takes approx. 30-45 mins to get there, and you want to be there 1.5 hours early for DIA)
    -I’m not sure if everyone wants to go to drop Jake off, then we can go straight to Denver or something… what we do with this day is up to you guys, maybe hiking or mountains? (sorry Jake!!) We can do more fun engagement portraits on location this day with Andy and Lisa too.

    -breakfast at the house
    -12:00pm: head to airport to drop everyone off

    Like I said, this can be modified… I’m by no means trying to create some regimented schedule… I’m just a planner is all, but I’m flexible :D Let me know what y’all think.


    · Jul 1, 02:46 AM
  9. Ty responds with:

    Sounds great all around! If we can fit in at least one good hike in the mountains, that’d be awesome. Perhaps Jake, Andy, Lisa, and I could go for a Boulder hike on Friday while the Asantes do their 3:30 – 6pm shoot (assuming we can borrow one of your cars) and then meet you in Boulder for dinner. Lisa, Andy, and I all have iPhones, so we’ve got GPS navigation out there (hope there’s a cell signal as well… Just looked at the coverage map on the AT&T website, and it looks like we’re good for 3G in Denver and Boulder, but it drops off sharply once you get into the mountains).

    And we can figure out what to do on Sunday when we get there. That is kinda early to get up, but I’d be happy to do it.

    I’m at work now with my backpack fully packed and ready to go. I’m going to spend the night with Andy & Lisa tonight, and then we’ll be up and out the door at the crack of dawn tomorrow! Hooray!!

    · Jul 1, 12:49 PM
  10. andy responds with:

    Wow Sarah, you’ve really thought this through!

    I have 2 requests:

    1. Tyler’s pizza

    2. 1 evening for at-home beer tasting. I am bringing those 6 bottles of Ommegang after all! Sometime after dinner would work fine for this.

    I’d also like to claim one morning for brunch. Perhaps the morning of the 4th would work for that. But we can discuss.

    I’d love to do some mountain hiking! Friday or Sunday or both are fine for that.

    · Jul 1, 01:24 PM
  11. Iak responds with:

    Those sound like pretty good plans to me. =)

    While a hike would be nice, I think the doubling up on Ultimate and soccer the last month is plenty of exercise. ;-)

    Do we have enough tripods to go around on Saturday night? (also wik… I mean ;-))

    · Jul 1, 01:27 PM
  12. Ty responds with:

    Save for the Dynasty brand oyster sauce, I think we can all agree that the food, and the trip as a whole, was wonderful!! I’m sad I missed Andy and Lisa’s smoked salmon and poached eggs, though… :(

    Thanks again Jimmy and Sarahmonster!!

    · Jul 8, 04:12 PM
  13. Sarah Cantrell responds with:

    It was great having you guys out!!

    We threw out the yucky sauce and got another brand (couldn’t find Lisa’s favorite) that is a vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce with not a trace of actual oyster in it. Much better!!!

    · Jul 9, 11:35 PM
  14. Iak responds with:

    APO 200-500mm F2.8/400-1000mm EX DG After we brought it up I figured I should share about the “Bigma.” The only problem is I thought the image to the right was the Bigma, but apparently it’s the 50-500? I’m so confused…

    APO 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG HSM – What the Internet Refers to as the Bigma.

    Holy Cow.

    Good example of how big it actually is.

    · Jul 19, 05:53 PM
  15. Ty responds with:

    Dude. That lens lists for $38,000.00. I’ll spell that out for dramatic emphasis… Thirty Eight THOUSDAND F*%&ING DOLLARS. I hope it can see far enough to find other planets that support human life, or alternate universes, or God Him/Her/Itself.

    Holy Cow, indeed.

    · Jul 24, 12:18 AM
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