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The American Craft Beer Fest

Jun 24, 06:57 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Speaking of beer…. (aren’t we ALWAYS speaking of beer?)

This past weekend I went to the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston!

I went with my friends Shelly and Steve, who most of you have met.

I had a great time.

There were lots of people there.

And LOTS of good beer! I saw our friends from Boulder Beer, who told me the place has been remodeled or something since we were there in 2002… It’s 2009 now. Whoa. Anyway, he also said they do brewery tours at 2pm on weekdays. I’m just sayin.

I discovered a brewery I’d never heard of, but am glad I have now!! 21st Amendment is from San Fransisco, but apparently just stared selling beer in the Boston area in the last couple weeks (don’t know if they’re in CT/NY yet.) Their Watermelon Wheat is AWESOME!

Woodstock Inn Brewery from New Hampshire was another I’d never heard of. They had an amazing Maple Porter and also a really tasty Brown Ale (and I’m not usually a fan of browns).

Surly was another brewery I’d never heard of, I think from Minnesota. They were strategically tapping barrels of certain beers at key moments during the festival, and when they tapped “The Darkness” people LINED UP.

Here’s the line to taste “The Darkness.” I had no idea what it was, but I figured everyone else must have known something I didn’t, so I got on line. It turned out to be a Russian Imperial Stout, and boy was it strong!! And TASTY!

Here’s my sample of “The Darkness”, and while it may look small, there was a LOT of flavor packed into those 2 ounces!

All in all, it was a really good time. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t sample everything, or even a fraction of the 300+ beers they had to offer. Ommegang was there, but at the moment I was passing their booth, I had another beer in my hand and wasn’t feeling like rushing. Oh well. But It was well worth it. And I look forward to having our own little Coloradan Craft Beer Fest next week!!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos. :)


Comment [2]

  1. andy responds with:

    J E A L O U S Y ! ! !

    · Jun 26, 11:56 AM
  2. Ty responds with:

    Well, it’s pretty quiet on this post, so I’ll take this opportunity to show off more baby pics.

    Here’s Kieran admiring his baby brother.

    Here’s Parker’s first smile. Sort of.

    And here’s Parker on his 1-month “birthday.” Notice how well he matches the chair…. Camouflage!

    · Jul 1, 12:57 PM
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