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Calling all designers...

Sep 17, 01:46 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Hi-diddly hidee ho!!! Word to your momma. How is my fine white brothas?

Umm, yeah.

So anyway, this is probably most aimed at TyTy, but I’m an equal opportunity employer. Sarah and I have a very large need for a vector logo and business card for our photography.

I’m in this catch-22 cuz I’m worried about spending too much money, but not having a good logo and business card is not helping me to make money. So, what would you estimate it would take to design a simple vector logo for me and possibly a matching business card? And how much would you want for it? (Sexual payments would have to be deferred until I next time I saw you.)

I can give you a rough (and shitty) example of approximately what we’re looking for. We’ve tried to make our own, but as always, my own personal inadequacies in design are crippling us. Every time we think we have a decent looking logo, we end up breaking it down and thinking “bleh, this one sucks too…” I think third party involvement will be critical.

Anyblah, I’d like to get this done within a month’s time frame or so, so responses would be appreciated.

I love you all!!! But not in that way… I mean in the way that most guys love April.


Comment [7]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Jimmony Crickett-

    I love you and would love to do you a logo. I will do it and you will like it and you will poop out of excitement and pleasure when I do it for you. So I will do you a logo, but you will do me the explanation of what it is that you want me to do it like. And I will do it for freeness, because I like to do you. A logo, that is. So tell me what it is that kind of logo that you are wanting me to do for you, and I will do you a logo and you will poop. And if you do not like the logo, then you will tell me why you did not poop for it and I will do you a nother logo that you will poop for. And then hopefully you will poop and I will poop and we will all poop out of love and happiness. And if it be the case that you do not poop for said second logo that I do, then you can tell me why you didn’t poop and I will try to make you poop for a third time. Perhaps then you will poop, And so on and so fourth, etcetera etcetera. So tell me what it is the kind of logo that you want to poop over, and I will attemp to make you poop. And when you finally do poop, all will be right in the world. And then the entire population of the world will poop in harmony because you have pooped and made the world right. So, get back to me on the logo, and I will try to make you poop. In the meantime, I am going to go poop myself. This is what I anticipate it will look like.
    · Sep 18, 04:21 PM
  2. TyTy responds with:


    I have just gotten back from pooping. It really didn’t look all that much like the poop I referenced above. I perused all the photos in the poop gallery, and really didn’t see any that it looked much like. Mine was healthy and fiberous and held itself together in a very loose, gelatenous form. It felt really fantastic… it was one of those poops that you’ve been holding in for a long time and when you finally drop it off, you are experiencing the pleasure of it’s expultion for quite a long time after the fact. I expect that in another 20 minutes, I’ll still be able to say “Wow, it STILL feels great having pooped that poop!”

    May you all have poops as enjoyable as the one I just had.
    · Sep 18, 04:41 PM
  3. jake responds with:

    Although doing things like the program to the concert I just got back from isn’t too bad for me I’ve never been very proficient at logos. But I am more than happy to provide any thoughts during the process and hopefully contribute a little for our Jimothy. :) Who knows, maybe following along I’ll get a little better at understanding poop, I mean logos.
    · Sep 19, 02:32 AM
  4. Jim responds with:

    Oh TyTy I luv you and your active rectal orifice. We shall expell excrement harmoniously. If you were nearer, I would purchase you a Guinness to enrich your pooping experience.

    Ok, I will send you a quick example graphic of a shitty attempt at designing a logo for myself along with a description of what I’m looking for. I will be forever in debt to your rectal region.
    · Sep 20, 01:49 PM
  5. John responds with:

    haha, don’t think i wouldn’t see the april comment Jim!!!!!, hahahaha
    · Sep 21, 12:28 AM
  6. Jim responds with:

    Sheat brotha… you gotta do some back-reading… we been bashing April like she’s a sex slave…
    · Sep 21, 03:53 AM
  7. Bryan responds with:

    Jim send me an example too you farkin hippie! I was thinking of taking the nude picture of April that I have next to my Jergens, and doing some creative stuff to create your logo. But still send me your ideas Jim. Oh and you suck. I just want you to know that Jim. You suck.
    · Sep 21, 01:18 PM
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