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Is this beer IN a pumpkin a little too literal?

Oct 22, 01:51 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Ready for a challenge TyTy?

How To Brew Pumpkin Beer in a Pumpkin, in 20 Easy Steps


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Holy crap. That’s some seriously intense brewing. Not only did he use a pumpkin as a fermenting vessel, but he did an all-grain brew and used the bigger pumpkin as a mash tun! Wow! I’ve never done all-grain at all, let alone in a pumpkin!!

    I love the thermometer jammed into the side of the pumpkin above. Good find, Jake! :)

    A few related notes:

    • I found another good pumpkin beer… Kenebunkport Pumpkin Ale. I actually had it down in Richmond (where we went this past weekend), but considering it’s a Maine beer, it must be sold here. We just have to find it.

    • I dug out last year’s pumpkin homebrew… it’s better now than last year!

    • My friend Shelly gave me the ingredients for a pumpkin homebrew for my birthday, so I think I’ll be brewing soon… probably not IN a pumpkin though. ;)

    • On Halloween night, I’m planning to attend the Cambridge Brewing Great Pumpkin Festival in Boston (Cambridge, actually. Duh.) where they’ll have 6 of their own unique pumpkin beers on tap, as well as 14 others from visiting breweries, including Southern Tier’s Pumking!!! And they’re going to “tap” a 150 pound pumpkin, fill it with beer, and serve out of it!!!!


    And I don’t care what you guys say: Shipyard’s Pumpkin Head is some darn good stuff. It’s no Pumking, of course, but it sure hits the spot for me! :)

    - – -

    Now on an unrelated note, I got a new lens! I actually ordered it 2 months ago, but it’s in such high demand that it was on back order until now! It’s a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. Me likey. It takes perdy picatures. It’s good in low light and gives shots a deliciously shallow depth of field. Here’s a sample from our Richmond trip.

    · Oct 23, 02:42 AM
  2. Ty responds with:

    Pumpkin beer update

    Well, unfortunately I never made it to that Pumpkin fest I mentioned above. We just ended up hanging out drinking beer at Jess’s mom’s house instead. It just wasn’t in the cards that night I guess. :(

    But, I did brew my 2009 Pumpkin Ale this weekend, and with a lot more firepower!! My parents’ stove is pretty weak in the British Thermal Units department… it always takes a long time to boil water for even pasta, let along a 5 gallon batch of beer! So I splurged on an outdoor propane cooking system (also known as a Turkey Fryer!) But don’t worry, I have no intention of frying a turkey any time soon. It’s the perfect system for brewing! It gets up to temp so much faster, I think it took at least an hour off my brew time!

    As for the beer, it contains one 5lb. pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, and a few other spices. I haven’t tried it yet, as it’s still in the primary fermenter, but it’s bubbling away nicely and smells deliciously spicy!! It should be ready for tasting around Christmas!

    · Nov 11, 03:43 PM
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