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Two unrelated posts in one

Nov 16, 05:19 PM · from the mouth of Tyler


Gotta love Threadless. Well I do, anyway. I thought I’d share this design depicting Velma and Scooby as the “sole survivors of a Monsterpocalypse.” It’s just great. Check out all the details. And I love that Scooby is depicted as a real dog rather than a cartoon. Note the “R.I.P. S+F+D” on the Mystery Misery Machine. Heh heh heh.



Have you heard of Lala? You probably have, and I’m just the last guy on Earth to find out about it. I found it via Google’s new music search feature…. you do a Google search for an artist, and at the top of the search results page, it gives you a little player where you can listen to entire songs right there. They’re either hosted by MySpace Music (and I’m SO done with MySpace) or Lala.

Lala. is a music site where you can buy MP3s or CDs, but you can also stream whole albums in their entirety. The first time, anyway. You can listen to anything in it’s entirety once, and if you want to hear it again, you have to pay for it. But here’s another cool thing: in addition to being able to buy physical CDs and MP3 downloads (for much cheaper than iTunes or Amazon, I might add), you can also buy “Web Albums” for ridiculously cheap. A web album (or individual tracks) is basically where the songs remain online, but in your “Collection” on Lala, where you can hear it anytime from any computer. It’s obviously not as good as downloading the MP3 and putting it on your iPod, but it’s really inexpensive to go this route (for example, a 12-track album is $1.08!!) and I for one am around a computer often enough in my life, that this would be a viable option. It’s great for albums you’re not sure you love enough to sink 10 bucks into yet. Or another way to think about it is that you’re test-driving the music. It sure beats the 30-second clips on iTunes! Plus, you get 25 web-tracks just for creating an account.

One band I just discovered (and really like!) is the Kings of Convenience, a “folk-pop” duo from Norway. I first heard them on WFUV (member supported rock/folk/ecclectic radio from Fordam University) and was able to really explore their music on Lala. They’ve got this great mellow, sophisticated acoustic sound. Love it.


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Okay, after I saw this bit of Goofiness, I couldn’t NOT post it on Goofy Guys.

    I love the people in the audience going nuts!

    · Nov 28, 01:03 PM
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