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28 Days Later

Dec 14, 10:57 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Holy crap, has it really been 28 days since my last post? I check in pretty regularly to see if there’s been any sign of life, but I still didn’t realize it had been that long!

Oh well, like my last post, I don’t have anything ALL that important to say. I mainly want to point out two interesting things that have come to my attention.

The first is Maple Bacon Ice Cream. When I first saw those four words together, I did a cartoonish double-take. I actually saw it on a web ad for eBay, featuring food network chef Elizabeth Falkner. It was a very cool web ad! I almost never click web ads, but with this one, I clicked on it and it played a whole 3-minute video of her assembling this ice cream right in the little strip of this banner ad. Anyway, I’ve got an ice cream maker, so I tried it. It’s good! Seriously good! I used Neuske’s bacon, a high quality ultra-intense applewood smoked bacon from Wisconsin that I get from the butcher at The Fresh Market in Westport. And really dark, really flavorful maple syrup from Vermont. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste I suppose. My whole family thought it was a terrible idea, but after making it they’ve all conceded that it’s surprisingly good. (They still won’t sit down with a bowl of the stuff though.) Even I’ll admit that you have to be in the mood for it… I made myself a bowl the other night, but couldn’t eat much of it. It was too intense for me at that moment. But I’m eating some as I type this and loving it! Sweet and salty! And smokey!

I couldn’t find it with Google, so it mustn’t have a dedicated web site. But I did download it as a PDF, which I’ll link to here. I have serious doubts as to whether anyone in GoofyGuys’ infinitesimally small readership will make this, but there you go.


Something else I thought was noteworthy…

Today on Gizmodo I read about a company called Shidonni that allows you to draw a cute little critter on their website, and then they hand stitch an adorable plush version for you. And while $85 seems like way too much to spend on an ordinary stuffed animal, it seems like a downright bargain for an experience like this! Check it out!


And finally, while I know there’s a link to my Flickr account on the front page, LOOK AT MY CUTE BOYS!!


Comment [2]

  1. Ty responds with:

    Check out our cool holiday video! If Jess is into scrapbooking, then I guess this is my creative outlet for saving family memories. Check out the cuteness at the very end!

    · Dec 15, 07:37 PM
  2. andy responds with:

    Damn Tyler. You somehow managed to have kids that are not only cute, but also photogenic and articulate. And you picked good music on top of that!

    · Dec 17, 04:04 PM
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