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Beer me.

May 6, 08:28 AM · from the mouth of Jake

This is more geared toward Yimmy and Sarah considering the location… But this could also be used as a checklist for the next Colorado trip. ;-)

Colorado beers: fifty to try before you die — or die trying


Comment [2]

  1. Ty responds with:

    Wow, nice find Jake!

    I’ve MAYBE tried 8 of those 50 beers. But I can certainly try the rest before I die, or die trying! I love the that photo on that story is EXACTLY the same spot I was sitting when we visited Great Divide.

    Way to keep the Goof alive!

    -Love, Ty

    · May 8, 10:06 PM
  2. Sarah responds with:

    You know we can’t wait until the next time… bring the kids!! There are fun things to do in CO with kids and plus you heard Dad… he’ll watch them, LoL!

    · Jul 1, 12:07 PM
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