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Miscellaneous oddities.

Jul 19, 01:14 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Just a bunch of stuff I thought you guys would find interesting.

And finally… I found a couple sites with sound clips so we can be just like Dan.
TMK | Downloads | Sounds & Music | Sound Clips
Legend of Zelda sound effects by HelpTheWretched


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Fun stuff, Jake. Nice to see that the Goof is still breathing!

    Castle tour is fun. That’s in Scotland, yes? I’d love to see it myself someday too!

    The UHF link reminds me that I’ve only seen the movie once or twice, and probably not in 18 years. I’m due for a re-watch.

    I heart technology. I want an iPad. I applied for one here at work. We’ll see if it gets approved. (Not holding my breath). Maybe someday I’ll re-learn to read music. :(

    And when I EVENTUALLY get my iPhone, maybe I’ll revisit the sfx pages you linked to!

    · Jul 21, 12:18 PM
  2. Jack kevin responds with:

    At once bizarre and yet beautiful, it is definitely the programming dialect that Pablo Picasso would have developed. Invalid is obviously a question, a void cluster is clearly Do My Paper For Me equivalent to false, and capacities are bandied around as if they were tennis balls.

    · Jun 4, 06:00 AM
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