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Yellow beaked green fish rule...

Sep 28, 01:10 PM · from the mouth of Jim

I was fishing with these little green fish with yellow beaks, like a straight version of a lobster’s claw, and they had little bright goldfish-orange fins and tails. I would catch them by hand, dangle a fishing line with a hook on the end in front of them, which they would clamp onto, then I would use them to catch bigger, somewhat translucent fish with red fins, tails and little stripes and spots.

And, the beauty of this is: I don’t need drugs to dream up shit like that. Anyway, I had to share my halucinations with y’all cuz it’s too bloody quite on this site right now.



Comment [13]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Ok, so was that a dream, or did you really go fishing?
    · Sep 28, 02:53 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    I love that you used “y’all” and “bloody” in the same sentence. You’re a many cultured man, Jimmy Brown.
    · Sep 28, 02:55 PM
  3. Tyler responds with:


    Okay, so I was thinking… could you capture the wild yeasts from a sourdough started and somehow get them into a bucket of wort and brew your own wild beer?

    And speaking of beer, I was thinking of brewing up a massive batch of darkish but hoppy beer for the wedding and bottle it and make labels. The name of my creation? “I now pronounce you Black and Tan”

    Hurricane Jeanne just landed on Richmond about 10 minutes ago. The sky got creepily dark and then it downpoured. Now the sky has lightened up and its only driseling. That was fast. Huh.

    So yeah… BEER!
    · Sep 28, 03:03 PM
  4. Jim responds with:

    Ya know, I was wondering the same and keep trying to find info about whether or not it’s possible to use your yeasties for beer. I was trying to devise a way to use my starter’s yeasties to make a mead.

    There are active liquid starters available for making wine and beer, so it’s gotta be do-able. My concern is over the concentration of the flour in there. It would probably lend a funny flavor/contamination.

    Here’s the process that I was going to try with mead (arbitrary measurements, of course):
    – dissolve 1/4 cup of honey into 1/4 cup of water, mix half a cup of starter into the mix
    – catch it at the “half digested” stage and scoop out 1/2 cup of goo replacing it will 1/4 cup more of honey and 1/4 cup of water
    – repeat this until the flour is theoretically digested out of the system and all that’s left is the yeast, honey and water environment
    – pitch this mix and go with it

    Not sure if that’s possible. I suppose it all just depends on the strength of the strains that you have. Obviously if they’re weak, you’re not going to have much of a fermentation. I’m also not sure what type of flavors those yeasties will provide. I mean, mine produces a shitload of hooch every 3 days or so, so obviously they’re creating alcohol, but who knows what strength it is and what kind of flavor it would have.

    It’s worth trying… at some point I was gonna give it a shot… maybe something small like a 1/2 gallon growler just to see what kind of vinegar I can produce. ;) I’ve gotta go by an airlock…
    · Sep 28, 05:36 PM
  5. Jim responds with:

    Oh, so I forgot to include one additional comment on that. For the beer, my thought was to use the mentioned process and substitute malt for the honey…
    · Sep 28, 05:37 PM
  6. Jim responds with:

    Interesting page on the subject of liquid starters and beer. Googling results in a bunch of pages with varied results, but the first one and this one seem to have decent info…
    · Sep 28, 06:20 PM
  7. Jim responds with:

    Damn them all for having funky links that don’t copy well!!! This bastage should work.
    · Sep 28, 06:22 PM
  8. Jim responds with:

    Why do I EVEN try… god I’m dumb…

    This will work…
    · Sep 28, 06:23 PM
  9. Jim responds with:

    One more comment just to make the list even longer…
    · Sep 28, 06:24 PM
  10. Jim responds with:

    Hey, I’m on a roll here… no stopping now…
    · Sep 28, 06:24 PM
  11. Jim responds with:

    Is this annoying yet?
    · Sep 28, 06:24 PM
  12. Tyler responds with:


    Now you’ve got me all excited to brew beer! Only thing is, I threw out my Mr. Beer because he was a pain in the ass (only 2.5 gallons, single stage fermenter) and now I’ll have to buy a new kit to do it. I already have some of the stuff, but it’s gonna cost me a good $70 minimum to go to 5 gallon with a carboy and airlocks and all that crap.

    Mmmmm…. my first beer must be the Christmas Ale mentioned on Ahhh, orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg… GOD I can’t wait to drink it! I’ve been waiting very IMpatiently for Harpoon’s Winter Warmer to come out… the tastiest winter style beer in exsistence.

    My next beer would be the Chocolate Cherry Porter. Yes…... As creamy and luscious as the name implies.

    Then. My own hop-licious creation. One of my favorites is Weyerbacher’s Hop Infusion. It’s brewed with 7 kinds of hops. I can one up them. Why not brew with 8! 9 even!! I’ll hit it with an aggressive bout of dry hopping. Ahhhhhahahhhhhhhhhghhhghahhhahghh…....... BEER!

    I don’t know how I’ll ever loose weight in this mindset…

    (Follow my name below to a fabulous website).
    · Sep 28, 09:09 PM
  13. Jake responds with:

    Speaking of Beer and Mead, well mostly mead, when I went to Ireland we stopped at tourist trap Bunratty Castle (it hosts themed dinners nightly and has a “village” around it with thatched cottages and peat burning). They also have a large store with all kinds of stuff, including Bunratty Mead. I brought back a jug and it tasted pretty good. The only problem being it’s really expensive just to get a jug that can pour out a small number of glasses. It’s basically priced as if you would do shots with it, not fill a mug and filter it with your beard.

    But again the taste was good and if you’re interested in trying it, Bennigans imports it, actual Bunratty Mead. Again it’s like ordering a mixed drink, expensive, and you only get like half a glass.

    Jim if you start brewing Mead, I can guarantee all of us would come work for you and we’d make millions. ;)

    Mark and I had a joke about doing that one day, since you can’t get Mead very easily around here.
    · Sep 29, 04:48 PM
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