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Job Update - continued employment

Oct 4, 01:05 PM · from the mouth of Jim


Well, Maxtor made me an unofficial offer that I’ve unofficially accepted. (They’ve kept everything hypothetical for legal reasons – this way, if I had hypothetically declined, I would still be eligible for my severence with EDS – if it came to that.)

In any long-winded case, in about two weeks or so they will be giving me an official written offer. As far as I understand, the contract with EDS is being extended through the end of December, then we’re all starting as Maxtor employees (well, OK, not all) on Jan. 3rd. This’ll kinda be cool for tax and benefit reasons.

Anymoo, yay… I’m going to stay employed. Whoot. JOY.

OK, sarcasm aside, yay. I’m not very psyched about this industry anymore and hope that I’ll be able to escape it shortly, but having continous pay until then is exciting.

Hey, TyTy… how the heck is the new job-o?


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Hip hip hooray for the Jimmynator! I hope they’re going to pay you $6,000,000 a day. That will make you happy until you can be a professional baker/photographer/circus midget.

    My new job is rad to the max. I’m still doing direct mail, but at least it’s cooler, and I actually get to do design. Hell, I’m not even a graphic designer anymore… I’m an art director! It’s just a title, but it makes me feel big and important. I’ve mostly been doing Circuit City stuff, and I feel less guilty selling DVD players to people that can afford them than I did selling credit cards with high APRs to people who can’t.

    · Oct 4, 02:29 PM
  2. Jim responds with:

    TyTy, you will always be HUGE in my mind… Very cool, I’m glad it’s kicking ass.

    Of course, I could point out that most people are charging those DVD players to their cards with high APRs, but that would be mean. ;)
    · Oct 4, 03:14 PM
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