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The Fassihi email scandal - what do you think?

Oct 13, 07:45 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Have you guys heard of this little semi-scandal that’s been going on? Some Wall Street Journal correspondent in Iraq writes a personal email to her friends and family, it gets distributed around the internet and now everyone’s got their hands up in the air because she lightly expressed her personal view and opinions.

I mean, a) it was a personal email, so how can she be judged at all and b) I personally don’t find this to be terribly biased in the first place…

When you’re done with the email, follow this link to follow-up information.

You know, I may be fairly ignorant when it comes to this type of thing, unbiased press, freedom of speech, etc., but after reading this email I fail to understand why it’s such a big deal. Why can’t the press express a personal opinion to her friends? Even then, why can’t this type of email be considered main stream reporting? I realize that the press is supposed to maintain nuetrality and an unbiased opion, but isn’t it biased when we ultimately censor certain issues that we don’t particularly “need” to know about?

Anyway, I found this email to be one of the best pieces of reporting to come out of this war and I find it so depressing that someone can’t write something like this w/o having the whole country jump on her for failing her duties as an unbiased journalist. I’d personally like to see more emails like this as part of the main stream news. Even if I do have to deal with a little bit of her own voice coming out.


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  1. Andy responds with:

    I agree with Jimothy completely. This is what journalism SHOULD be. And I’m surprised it’s caused such stir. Aside from a few staunch Republicans, the bi-partisan conventional wisdom in this country agrees with this reporter’s assessment of “the situation” in Iraq. Why should any of us be surprised that this woman is telling her friends how much her job sucks? On top of that, I didn’t see anything in the way of a direct attack on Bush: never did she call for Bush’s removal from office or suggest that Kerry would do better. Despite the few judgements she makes, this is more a fact piece than an opinion piece. I don’t see where the bias-hunters are getting their fuel.

    Hopefully this won’t turn into a “bias” witch-hunt among journalists. They’re already in danger of losing some of their first amendment protections, as you’ll see here.

    But I’m wading too deep into partisan politics for this forum. I think I’m gonna go do something happy like bake cookies. =)
    · Oct 13, 08:24 PM
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