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Oct 21, 05:14 PM · from the mouth of Jake

First off we have a moderately expensive, but possibly super useful Bread bag. That ones for Yimmy and TyTy. Personally if I made bread and had a little extra money I’d probably buy something like this. It’d be great cause I’d make sack jokes all the time. “Hey, I got a nice warm sack waiting for you back at my place.”

And second we have something for Jimothy that he’ll probably just curse at. Hopefully whenever the hell Nikon releases a D200 maybe you’ll find something helpful in there, or you can keep tabs to see if a comparable book comes out for your camera.

Also, I noticed a lot of weird things that I thought were working the last time I made modifications. I’m not sure why they all suddenly broke, but I’ll get around to fixing things eventually. I’ve been busy lately with things. It’s not ending soon, but maybe once the World Series is over I can push things through a little better. I hate work constipation.



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