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Leaving Kids Behind at Walmart

Oct 27, 03:32 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m sure you guys remember Andy’s aggressive stance on No Child Left Behind. How it’s giving more money to schools who perform better and less money to schools who don’t. So it’s basically ass backward. The kids who need money don’t get any, and the kids who live in towns like Avon get gold cock rings.

Well Jackie has to write a paper on education and she wanted to compare public and catholic/private schools. We stumbled across an interesting web site about catholic schools in CT.

The first thing you notice is that the government is cutting even more funding out of No Child Left Behind.

But then you scroll down and you can see the breakup of how much money the catholic schools in CT get in annual funding from NCLB. Wait a second, do you mean to tell me that St. Catherine Academy in Bridgeport only got $97 this year? While good old Xavier, with all those destitute BMW driving 16 year olds got $3,796.

That seems soooo fair. Oh yeah, and if you were wondering, that’s how much the school gets. Not each student. So even Xavier’s cut looks tiny.

Anyone wanna go dig some money out of our couches and give it to St. Catherine Academy?



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