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Wowsers my first post

Nov 4, 10:27 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Hey there fellow masterminds of Ni, just thought Id give you guys a Bryan update. I myself, like Jim have been looking for a job. It’s been about a month now and the results as of this week look very promising. With business, things are going well. We are trying to figure out our goals for the end of the year and for 2005. The business looks to be very promising. I’m in the process of finishing up the new website for the business and I’m looking forward to getting it up soon. I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m open to any suggestions if you guys have any. So that’s it, fuck you and I love you all.


Comment [3]

  1. Andy responds with:

    hey, you said you’re “looking forward to getting it up soon.” So, I guess April still makes house calls. ;-)

    Anyhoo, congrats on the business success. Don’t forget, Lisa wants an indoor lily pond someday!
    · Nov 4, 11:13 PM
  2. John responds with:

    April would wreck you!
    · Nov 4, 11:25 PM
  3. Bryan responds with:

    John, April has.
    · Nov 4, 11:38 PM
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