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The Bill O'Reilly Factor

Nov 10, 03:39 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Hello my fellow sperm distributing anal dwelling monkeys. In a recent email our red headed slut Tyler sent us, under whom would you least likely like to be stuck in a room with, Ty TY you put Bill O’Reilly. I spider sensed some tension twords him within all of you on vacation. My question to you guys is, where does the hatred twords Bill O’Reilly come from? I personally watch his show on an on and off basis (depending on when I can catch it) and have two of his books. Your thoughts…...

Oh, and Jim and John, you guys haven’t put your sperm into Circle Jer with a hot Carl and a game of who’s in my mouth


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    First of all, I don’t know what a hot Carl is. Do tell.

    Second, I don’t watch him much, but the a few of the times I have seen him, he has guests on his show and then will start arguing with them, but won’t let them get a word in edgewise! I know since I have only seen him a few times I can’t make that educated of a judgement, but I’ve definately seen him be very rude to a lot of his guests, and I have no tolerance for rude people. He also insulted Jon Stewart and his viewers, and he badly insulted Terry Gross on her own show, “Fresh Air”. I have a lot of respect for Terry Gross- she has people from all walks of life on her show and gives everyone ample opportunity to speak their mind. It’s not a politics show, she just interviews people from artists to writers to actors and musicians to people in poiltics. You may remember last Thanksgiving when we got together at Andy’s and went to see The Machine, I played you an interview with Triumph the insult comic dog… that was Terry Gross.

    Anyway, my point is that he tends to be rude to people and doesn’t listen. To give him credit, he did end up going on the Daily Show, and he was respectful and I enjoyed the interview. In retrospect, there are far worse people to be stuck in a room with.

    I recommend that you listen to National Public Radio. That’s where I get all my news, plus news isn’t all you’ll hear. One of my favorite shows is “This American Life” with Ira Glass, which I think you’d really like. Every show is made up of stories from people all over the country, some are funny, some are just interesting. I saw Ira Glass speak in Ridgefield last spring and he was awesome. “Fresh Air” is an excellent show, as I pointed out before. And eveyone can appreciate “Car Talk”, even if you have little interest in cars, like myself.

    I did a search and found three NPR stations in Durham. The first is WPKT 90.5FM, which comes in strong, but doesn’t play any of the programs I mentioned above. The next is WSUF 93.3. “Fresh Air” is on at noon and 9pm every weekday. “All Things Considered” and “Marketplace” are on from 4pm-7pm weekdays, and a great source for news and non-news related info. “This American Life” is on that station on Saturday at 4pm. “Car Talk” is on at 10am on Saturday, and “Thistle and Shamrock”, an awesome Celtic music show is on at 8pm Saturday. That’s among my favorites. Also, I envy you because you get “Echoes” and “Music from the Hearts of Space” and I don’t. Those two shows are on from 6 till 11pm on Sunday nights. They play ambient, worldly, space-music. I always listened to those shows growing up, and now I don’t get them in VA.

    The other Connecticut NPR station is WSHU Fairfield at 91.1, which is a sister station of WSUF, but I don’t think it comes in as well in Durham. Johnny should get it loud and clear in Derby though.

    Best thing about radio is that you can listen in the car or when running or working out. NPR makes me feel smarter, even though I’m still the same dumb old dorkus porkus I always was.

    Anyway, I know this started out as a discussion about Bill O’Reilly, but never mind that for now. I suggest that you program 93.3 into your car stereo and listen from time to time. Much of the middle of the day and night is classical music, but it’s also a great source for news, information, and enlightening entertainment. Go to to learn more. You can replay most of the stories heard on air on the internet. I keep it as my homepage.

    Now, what’s a hot Carl again?
    · Nov 10, 06:23 PM
  2. Bryan responds with:

    Thanks for the insite Ty, I’ll be listening. Yes I do agree that Bill O’Reilly can be rude at times (I’m glad you mentioned when he went on the Daily Show). I believe that the way he works is that when he asks a question, and people start “tap dancing” around it, I believe that is when he interupts the most. What I like best about him though, is that he isn’t afraid to debate with anyone about anything. I don’t 100% agree with everything he says, but he sticks to the facts versus the “sugar coated” reality which I think some people are intimidated by. Anyways, he’s on everynight on Foxnews at 8 so if anyone wants to sit down and watch him, I recomend it. Plus the show after him Hannity and Combes is good too (It’s kinda llke Crossfire on CNN). Anyways, I was just curious to see what everyone’s opinion was, that’s all. Anyone else?

    Oh Ty, a hot carl is when you take a dump in a stocking, and then wail someone in the head with it. (John, am I correct, or is it when you take a dump in your shoe and then throw it at someone?)
    · Nov 10, 08:35 PM
  3. TyTy responds with:

    While I’m making recomendations for various media you should expose yourself to, Alton Brown is my God of the Food Network. He’s on every weeknight at 7pm (20 minutes from when I’m writing this!) And he has two shows on Wednesday nights (TONIGHT!) at 10pm.

    Watch him and make a habit of it. You’ll be glad you did.
    · Nov 10, 08:39 PM
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