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How to work with images.

Nov 12, 12:23 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I thought I’d give you guys some various ways to work with images on the site. There’s multiple ways and it’s tough to know which one to use. So I’ll go through each one and hopefully help everyone figure it out.


Old school house !/images/44t.jpg (Old school house)! Notice the “t” that means I’m using the thumbnail. A big help if the image is huge. You have to make your own thumbnails until I add in a thumbnail generator thingy.


Old school house <txp:thumbnail id="44" /> This is using the type of code that is native to this system. The one above is Textile, by the same developer.


<img src="/images/44t.jpg" /> This is similar to the last one in structure, but it’s the actual html code that you’d be putting in if we didn’t have this system. It allows adding a lot of extra attributes and stuff. Not necessarily needed however. Notice the “t” again.

jbe_dsimage Plugin

<txp:jb_dsimage src="/images/44.jpg" /> One of the great things about this system is it allows plugins. We actually have five of them running right now. This one puts in the thumbnail for you and links it using Javascript to the larger image in a pop-up. It’s also tweaked to add in the shadow to the background of the image. Which is a nifty feature. Especially if you’re using a modern browser like Firefox, Opera, or Safari, Omniweb on the Mac. Internet Explorer 6 can do something similar (using hacks that bloat the code) but since the browser hasn’t been fucking updated since 2001 there’s lack of full support for PNG files. which the shadows are, providing full alpha transparency so the shadow blends in with the background. Whether it be a solid color or some bizarre tiled image of Jim’s member.

Sorry about the rant on IE, it’s just one of those things that pisses off many of us web developers. And considering Firefox has many more features and is 1.0 you should be using it anyway. It also has less security holes. But like I said, an updated browser in OS X can do all this stuff too.


So that wraps up working with images. I hope it helps you guys include images in your posts as opposed to just linking to the full size image. Just make sure your thumbnails aren’t too huge. And remember, you can add a link (just like some of you have been doing) to the full size image.



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