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The Incredibles

Nov 15, 01:22 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Hey doooods,

If you haven’t already seen this, you should seriously consider pulling out of your warm, sticky hole in the wall and try experiencing some real entertainment.

Seriously. this has to be one of the most flat out, enjoyable movies I’ve seen in a long time. I’m easy to please (Ty’s buttox can validate that), but I walked out of this movie thinking to myself “good lord… that was just simply really damn enjoyable.”

Word to yo momma…


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Yes, I want to see that very bad. It’s on top of my list for next time. Yesterday we saw Brigette Jones: The Edge of Reason. That was really good too, but we’re big fans of the first Brigette Jones movie.

    We also watched Van Helsing last night. That was fun. Better than I expected. Not GREAT, but pretty good, for a monster movie.

    Word to YO momma.
    · Nov 15, 02:08 PM
  2. Jake responds with:

    Yeah I saw The Incredibles opening weekend with Jackie and Pete. It’s amazing how fucking retarded Hollywood is when it comes to this stuff. For example Shark Tale not being up to the caliber of Shrek (though it wasn’t terrible, they just shoved a few too many famous people into it and ignored the story for pop-culture references) and Disney dropping 2D animation.

    Pixar not only pushes the technology envelope, they provide great stories, and Cliff. I wish Disney would realize this and stop their hit or miss bullshit. Lilo and Stitch is the only good movie they’ve made in the last few years. And surprise surprise it has a good story and likable characters. Plus a cool drawing style.

    Pixar gets this, no one else seems to. I personally would love to work at Pixar, even if my job description was “Storyboard Artists Ass-Wiper.” Well as long as it payed well enough to live in that area too.

    So I concur with Jimothy, go see this movie. :)
    · Nov 15, 02:23 PM
  3. Andy responds with:

    I saw this with Lisa this weekend. I concur with Jimothy, it was quite good. Even the short was good, and quite random, which I always like.

    I agree with Jake that Pixar would be nothing without consistently fantastic storylines and interesting characters. For a counterexample, see the Final Fantasy movie from a few years ago – great, realistic animation, but wooden characters, and it tanked. Van Helsing, in my opinion, also falls into this category of beautiful, crappy movies. (sorry TyTy!)

    Next on my list, in a bit of different vein, is “Kinsey”, about the life of the guy who released the controversial sex report in the 60s. Christian fundamentalist groups all around the country are protesting it, so I can’t possibly pass it up!
    · Nov 15, 05:19 PM
  4. Tyler responds with:

    Totally unrelated, but in a followup to a recent posting about the value of NPR, I thought I’d mention that there’s a recent episode of Fresh Air where Terry Gross interviews James Hetfield. It’s pretty good, and Hetfield is pretty darn smart.

    Go here to listen to it online.
    · Nov 15, 07:07 PM
  5. Andy responds with:

    I gotta back Tyler up on this. NPR is awesome.

    I started listening yesterday. I always thought it was boring when my parents listened in CT, mostly because they only ever listened to the news/talk stuff. But I caught “Fresh Air” today. Terry Gross interviewed Tom Kinney, the voice of Spongebob. John and Jake, you guys gotta appreciate that! Also, she had this guy do a review of a new Rod Stewart album, in which he described old Rod as “lurchingly mediocre” in typical NPR deadpan. Awesome. So, I recommend NPR also. It’s 93.9 WNYC around here.

    “Are you ready kids!?”
    · Nov 16, 06:51 PM
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