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I Like Sour Muff

Nov 16, 01:39 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Well Mr. TyTy, I produced my first batch of successful celtic muffins. Things have been so nuts around here for the last 2 months that I’ve only had enough time to feed my colony and nothing more. But during this weekend’s feeding, I finally found enough time to start up a sponge.

Last night was the night of truth and glory. They worked!!! (And there was much rejoicing – yay.) The first attempt at it a few months ago resulted in NHL certified wheat hocky pucks. I think a squirrel chipped a tooth on one after I hucked them under the tree in the front.

This time I vowed to change ALL of the variables at once and retry – like the good scientist I am. :)

I used the slow and cold method and doubled the amount of starter called for by the recipe. I flew by the palms of my hands and adjusted the corresponding water level until the sponge (and later, dough) felt about right. I also used 100% bread flour instead of a whole wheat mix.

Outside of the primal 20 hour fermentation at ~65 degrees, I followed the rest of the celtic muffins process with limited adjustments. I skimped the first rise by about an hour (due to time) and also cranked the second and third rises’ heat up to 105 degrees to excite the beasties a bit more. (I’m finding that my starter seems to be fairly durable and appears to like/need higher temperatures.)

I forgot to take pictures of them last night, but I’ll see if I can take a pic of the remaining ones when I get home tonight and post it. On a really cool note, it seems as though the starter is still maturing in its flavor. These had a really really nicely developed sour flavor that seemed to be a bit more complex than the breads of two months ago.



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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Yeay! Oh joy of joys. I need to get a new starter going I think. I jumped back on the low carb band wagon for a few weeks and neglected my colony completely. Then I came to my senses and jumped right back off that wagon, but it may have been to late. My starter was gray and had black juice seeping out of it. I tried to revive it, but it’s probably gone bad.

    On a similar note, I have another beer recomendation. The other day I found a Saranac Sampler pack, but this one has one each of 12 different beers. Inside were some old favorites, plus some interesting ones I’d never heard of before (like “Rogen Bock”). But the best beer in the pack was a Caramel Porter. Holy crap was that a good beer! It really tasted like caramel. If you can find it at a specialty store in 6-pack form, get it. If not, look out for those 12-style samplers. It’s worth it just for that one beer. But of course the others are great too.
    · Nov 16, 02:05 PM
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