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Vacation update

Nov 16, 10:54 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Well, so far we have a couple of ideas. New England adventure, microbreweries, keep things, inexpensive, all sounds like good ideas to me so far. Here is another suggestion. Cancun. I know I mentioned it before, financially though, it makes sense. Think about it. If we go to a microbrewery “everyday” (which not to sound negative, is something that we could do basically year round) wound easily run us up a bill of say $100/night between the 6 of us. That comes out to $700 dollars for the week, and that doesn’t even include breakfast lunch, and food and drinks inbetween. Now, if we went to cancun, each person would pay $60/day which equals out to be the magic number $420 for the week. Now, what the $60/day includes is any food wether it’s breakfast lunch or dinner, 24 hours a day (which also includes roomservice at anytime 24 hours a day) AND ALL ALCOHOL!! If you were to tally up the alcohol consumption each of us could have everyday from beers to the exotic, it would WELL be over $60/person/day, and that’s not even including the food, and trust me guys, you have so much food to choose from. (by the way, they also STOCK THE FRIDGE every day!) other “all inclusive” items are on the website. Now, next topic, hotel room. The hotel I can get us is considered 5 star, royal crown. It’s on the beach and you have never seen a more beautiful site in the morning or at night, from those hotel rooms. The cost, if we were to split the rooms into 2 people/room, it would cost each person $250 for the full seven days (and we could even get away with 3 people/room comfortably, which would cost each of us even less). Also, there is another hotel, attached to this one, that we can also use all of there facilities as well, including the other hotels swim up to pool bar!
here is the link to the hotel:
under resort ID put 4363
the other “all inclusive” items are mentioned there
another point: {We won’t need a designated driver!!!}
The only major expense out of that would be the plane tickets, which would cost us roughly between $600 to $800/person. Now my challenge to you guys is simply this, do the math.
to do this trip, the estimated cost is $1000/person which come out to saving approx. $167/month, for 6 months, starting in January.
If you can calculate how much the trip from Maine and back would cost us in terms of gas, wear and tear on the cars, hotels, buying beer individually/day, food, etc. If you can come up with a number more cost efficient, let me know. Also, please weigh into the math equations WHERE you are going, Cancun is definately more exotic then Maine, and yes, there is ALOT to do there beyond the amazing clubs. Under our “treatment”, we get the royal treatment, if there is something that we want to do, they will arange it for us. If you can find a better price then what I can get us for this kind of a trip, then I’ll be shocked. The only thing I can’t get my hands on in terms of a discount for us, is the plane tickets, which we might be able to get a deal for through someone else. I also want to stress that, yeah I did suggest the New England idea, but this could be an opportunity that probably won’t come by for us later on in our lives. Tyler is getting married, and the rest of us will follow. Do we really think that we would have this opportunity later in our lives? Please give it a consideration.
I’m Peter Jennings, thank you and goodnight.


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  1. Andy responds with:

    I’m responding to Bryan’s challenge. I think the brew tour would be WAY cheaper than $1000. Don’t forget, I went on a five-week roadtrip for about $1800 in 2001, so I know my shit about cost-cutting on the road.

    We’ll start with the breweries. At the Times Square Brewery in New York, whose prices are higher than any brewery in New England, you can get a beer, an entree, and a piece of an appetizer for $30, tip included. Most of us aren’t always gonna get the full out entree: all these places have burgers and sandwiches too. Plus we’ll likely be able to get pitchers and save some on the beer at many of the places. So dinner will cost less than $30 on any given night.

    Of course, that’s not our only food expense, as we’ll have to eat lunch and breakfast too. I find there’s no shame in finding a deli/fast food/pizza place at any old rest stop, usually $6 or less a pop. Assuming we get no meals for free, we’re looking at a maximum of $42 per day for food or and drink.

    Lodging is another matter. If we stay in hotels every night for 7 nights, we could run up a bill of $350/person. But I don’t think that’s the way to go. I’ve mentioned, for example, my cousins in Maine before. We could definitley stay with them for free! If we can find similar people in other places we want to go, then we’ll save huge amounts on lodging. And we don’t even have to move around every day. We could go to two different breweries in the same area and stay in the same place two nights in a row. We could even camp it! Anyone wanna go back to Burlingame State Park? ;-) Seriously, I think we could manage at least half of our nights with free lodging.

    Gas will be much cheaper than a plane ticket, even if we take 2 cars. My car gets 35 mpg on long trips, so let’s assume another car we take gets less and say we’re averaging 30mpg on the trip. It’s 480 miles from my parents’ house to Lubec, Maine, the easternmost point in the US that Tyler was talking about earlier. Even if we went triple that distance, so there and back with a bunch of side trips, we would go under 1500 miles. Assuming 30 mpg on 2 cars, that’s 100 gallons of gas. Even at $2.50 a gallon, that’s $250, which when you split 6 ways is only about $42 for the week. I don’t imagine we’ll go THAT far into Maine, so we’ll likely save some there, plus we could cut that cost in half if we find even a minivan to borrow. My brother has one!

    Finally, about the designated driver thing. A DD could still have one beer with a meal and be good to drive. Plus, many breweries let you buy samples of their brew to take home, allowing DDs to still experience what the brewery has to offer.

    I’m very psyched for this brew tour, and I’d like to convince the rest of you as well. I really think it could be fun! I love New England, I love driving, I love beer, and I love you guys, so I really don’t think we can go wrong with this trip.

    Oh yeah and my high-end estimate for the week? Assuming we hit one brewery a day and stay in a hotel every night for 7 nights: $600. $700 if you buy souvenirs for everyone you know. more like $400 or even $300 if we find friends and relatives to stay with. Under $200 if you get a burger and one beer every night.

    Apologies to Bryan for such a thorough smackdown – I just really want this trip! You know you’re still my number-one Martian love master.

    I’ve posted way too much today. Someone eat my yeasty muff (hi Jim!)
    · Nov 17, 12:15 AM
  2. Bryan responds with:

    Thanks for the insite Andy
    · Nov 17, 01:51 AM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    Ok, well I won’t bother with all the math and stuff. But here are my thoughts.

    A) If I could save $167/month, I’d be in a much different place financially.

    B) If I could afford $1000 for a vacation, it would go towards a honeymoon with my wife, which we may not even go on because we can’t afford to. What a great way to start off a marraige… skipping the honeymoon because I went on a honeymoon with the boys instead.

    C) I REALLY think that we could keep a brewtour idea cheap. First off, most breweries offer a sampler. So for lunch, you buy a sampler for $5, a burger or a soup/salad for $6-$7 and you go on your way. We stop at some state park on our journey and go for a hike for free. Then we make our way to our dinnertime brewpub and have a sandwich for dinner and some beers. In terms of lodging, we have at least one night with Andy’s cousins. Then we could split up the other nights between campsites ($12/night) and motels that we could get ahead of time on priceline for $25-$35. And there’s no reason we can’t all pili into one room like we did in the Outer Banks. Also, I have no problem packing our own food for breakfast and lunch. I was born eating cheap and will die eating cheap.

    D) I never said it had to be a full week. We could go for 4 or 5 days.

    Now, I think the bigger issue here is what we WANT to do. I’m talking to Bryan here… You’ve been all about Cancun for years. And I would love to go someday. Actually, if I was to go on a tropical vacation, I’d rather go somewhere a little bit less commercial with more natural beauty and local culture, like St. Lucia. Another thing I remember is that you don’t have the same intense love and fascination with beer that the rest of us do. I’d love to make this trip something we can all enjoy. Is there a way we could keep it cheap and local that you would enjoy it as much as the rest of us? Let’s talk about this.
    · Nov 17, 02:42 PM
  4. Bryan responds with:

    Oh absolutely Ty! Yes I don’t have as much a passion for beer as you guys, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try them. I actually started this post to get a rise out of everyone to start putting some calculations together for the trip. I know that we most likely won’t be able to do 7 days together, it’s just a number being thrown out. What I would like to do is plan stuff beyond the brewery stuff. If we can keep cost down by staying with Andy’s cousin, great! I would however like to spend a nice full day or two on the beach getting skin cancer. I’m definately pro microbreweries. I figured that if we plan financially ahead of time, then it will be easier to do more of the stuff that we want to do. Even if we all put $200 into the trip, that’s still a $1,200 fund to put into hotel rooms, camping grounds, food, and other activites. Hang gliding somewhere anyone? Mountain Climbing? Cadalac rental for fun?
    We could easily get John’s sister for abuse with the money. She’s hot and cheap.
    · Nov 17, 03:31 PM
  5. Tyler responds with:

    First of all, with all six of our special man meat sandwiches, I wouldn’t be suprized if April paid US to come along for the “ride”.

    Next, I like Andy’s Burlingame State Park idea. We could go camping AND go to the beach and get tan and sexy all at the same time! I don’t remember any breweries in the Rhode Island area other than “Hops”, but we can look into it.

    Also, I’d love to do at least one night in Boston. I have friends in Boston, but I don’t know if all six of us would be able to crash with any of them. But there’s the famous Boston Beer Company which brews at least 40 different types in-house (probably not all at one time though). They have 3 locations, one of which is right next to Fenway Park. Going to Boston, we’d also have to go visit Sam Adams, of course.

    If we start or finish this trip in New York, perhaps we could stay a night at Andy’s (if his roommates would oblige)? Then we could check out the Brooklyn Brewery.

    It would be awesome to collect a growler (or at least a bottle) from every one we visit. Word to all y’all’s mamas.
    · Nov 17, 04:24 PM
  6. Andy responds with:

    Now we’re talking.

    I too would definitely like to hit Cancun someday. But a brew tour just seems more manageable now. As soon as I can afford Cancun, I’ll let you know!

    As for places in Rhode Island, a day/evening trip into Newport might be fun, and I imagine there must be an overpriced brewery/seafood restaurant somewhere there. There’s also lots of beach, as TyTy mentioned, as well as the running joke of “Hey, I can see Mass from here!” no matter where you are in the state.

    Regarding my cousins, they’re fairly near Acadia national park, as well as at least one brewery. In addition, I would suggest we hit the rt. 91 corridor – at the very least, there’s the Northampton Brewery in MA and the Seven Barrel Brewery near Dartmouth. We could also go from there up to Burlington, VT, where there’s lots of fun stuff, and I’m sure plenty of hiking along the way. I’m sure we could stay in my former frathouse along the way.

    I think Boston is a great idea too. Damn, how are we gonna fit all this in a few days?

    Finally, about New York, we could definitely arrange for us to stay at my place. Brooklyn is kinda far from me, but we could make a day trip of it. Besides the brewery, there’s also Coney Island, one of the legendary beach/amusement parks in the country. It’s crowded, but it’s beach.

    More food for thought. Is it summer yet?
    · Nov 17, 05:32 PM
  7. Jim responds with:

    Yeah, I think I’m more in for the brew tour. I don’t doubt that Cancun would be fun, but I’m just not that enthralled by the idea yet. Someday… Personally, I’d go back to the Bahamas in a split second if given the choice between them and Cancun. And… just think, in a year or so, Sarah’s ‘rents’ll be done with their place and will be renting it. I fully expect that we’ll have to go there for a week. It’s more beautiful and peaceful than you can possibly comprehend. No commercial BS. Everyone on the island knows everyone else. The beaches are pure white and you can hang out on them for an hour and only see 3 other people. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, crap I wanna go back!!

    Anyway, so yeah, my two cents. I love the idea of hitting Burlingame. I would seriously dig some brews and some camping. And I’m with TyTy. I’m sure we could all get a growler or two and take samples from everywhere we go. Then, when we hit wherever it is that we’re gonna stay at night, the DD could drink himself into drunken stupor. (As long a he didn’t mind having a sticky butthole when he woke up in the morning.)
    · Nov 17, 05:36 PM
  8. Tyler responds with:

    YES! Northampton! That’s actually where Jess and I are seriously considering relocating to whenever we get the hell out of Dixie. I’d love to see it, as I’ve only driven through it. I did go there a couple years ago to Dave Chalfant’s house (from The Nields) to take a bass lesson.

    And Burlington!!! We could go to Otter Creek!!! One of my favorite beers! And Magic Hat!!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Andy’s making me wet. And by that, I mean of course that he’s making my mouth water.

    By the way, earlier, I mentioned Boston Beer Company… I meant Boston Beer Works. Boston Beer Company is of course, Sam Adams.

    · Nov 17, 05:49 PM
  9. Bryan responds with:

    Cool. The testicles are rolling, still haven’t heard from Jake or John, what the F*ck guys!
    · Nov 17, 06:19 PM
  10. Bryan responds with:

    OH, one thing for boston: The Aquarium :)
    · Nov 17, 06:28 PM
  11. Jake responds with:

    Hahaha, the Aquarium, I actually wouldn’t mind going there. Bryan, you really have a one track mind.

    As for Boston, my uncle lives there, and so does my old college roommate. So as long as he’s not working he can help us out with stuff, like accomodations. But you might wanna watch out Jim, he sells Apple… the roommate, not the uncle.
    · Nov 17, 07:02 PM
  12. Bryan responds with:

    Jake, you mean he whores Gweneth Paltrows daughter out, that’s sick man!
    · Nov 17, 07:20 PM
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