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Kinda like a Pyramid scheme... without the work

Nov 29, 05:31 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I was thinking about doing something like this to get a free iPod a while back. But I figured it was too much work.

But then I noticed that people were actually receiving iPods.

But although I may want to try that out in the future with you guys. I heard of a new one, get a free digital camera

You basically pick between 4 different cameras and then sign up for one free offer (just make sure you click on my referral link, otherwise I won’t get credit). I signed up for the free one month of Netscape Dial-up. I figure once it “goes through” I can just cancel and I’m never even charged anything.

It’s not quite getting a 20D but since I’ve been wanting a digital camera for a while that I can use for everyday stuff and not have to get film developed. Besides it’s f’n free if you don’t let the offer lapse and start sending some company money. :)

And if you’re curious, I had a hard time deciding between the Canon A95 and the Sony DSC-W1 but I ended up picking the Canon for it’s slightly better picture quality and it doesn’t use a Sony memory stick.

I looked at reviews at a bunch of places. including cNet and Steve’s Digicams

I hope at least a couple of you try it out so I can get my free camera. It requires 7 referrals, so even if all of you help me out I’d still need 1 more. I guess I’ll post this on my other blog too…

Thanks everybody


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  1. Jim responds with:

    hehe… ooh ooh… good pickin’ there yackypoo… i think you’ll be very pleased with the a95. i know a bunch of people with them and they love the crap outa them.
    · Nov 29, 06:07 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Ok, I done it. Good luck.

    By the way, I finally saw The Incredibles. Ahhh! Gooood F-in movie! It made me want to start throwing cars around the parking lot when I left. Kinda like when I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and started doing ninja kicks with my brother afterward. Difference is, I’m 25 now. Hmm.
    · Nov 29, 07:53 PM
  3. Jake responds with:

    Thanks TyTy!

    I hope I can pull it off, I’ll make sure to take compromising pictures of myself for everyone to relish over. Kinda like that picture Jimothy used to have in his bass case.

    Speaking of Jim’s bass… Do you know where Jim’s bass amp is? Mark could really use it for his new band and Yimmy said he could borrow it if I found it.

    I dunno if you forgot TyTy but it says you did everything but didn’t “complete” the offer. Did you not press the button on the offers page after you filled out all the info?

    It’s funny you mention TMNT, I was looking in the fliers over the weekend and remembering when Andy tried to take us to the first movie and we ended up seeing Joe vs. the Volcano. Apparently it’s fairly cheap on DVD right now.

    Thanks again guys, as many referrals as you can offer is great. Well 1 referral each ;)
    · Nov 29, 09:19 PM
  4. Tyler is rad responds with:

    Oh sorry, I didn’t know there was more to it than that. I just went back and got confused because it looked like you had to buy something to “complete the offer”, but I just lied and said I bought $20 worth of pet meds and it seemed to work.

    And yes, I know exactly where the bass amp is. It’s sitting about 12 inches from me as I type this! During college when I joined Splice, I borrowed it from Yimmy, since it was just sitting in the Harris Lady’s house. At some point, the speaker crapped out and I had to replace it, which ran like 250 bucks. Jimmy didn’t ever ask for it back, so I sort of assumed suedo ownership of it. But in retrospect, it was never mine to keep. So there you have it… it’s here in Richmond, being used for little more than a printer stand. I guess I can bring it back with me next time I come home, around New Years.

    By the way, thanks again for hooking me up with Brian. My ‘puter in a new man!
    · Nov 30, 12:10 AM
  5. Tyler is rad responds with:

    By the way, JIMMY…...

    Now that it’s been like 7 or 8 years at least, who in Dog’s name was that picture of? I assume you still have the picture if you still have your bass. I always had a couple of suspitions of who it was…

    C’mon, antee up!

    Pale, smooth, underage teenage breasts…...
    · Nov 30, 12:21 AM
  6. Jim responds with:

    ... drumroll please …

    Ladies and gentle…nevermind, there aren’t any here. I proudly announce that it was…

    A computer generated aging of John’s sister!


    (OK, so I just can’t do it. It’s too much fun leading you all on. I prefer to keep torchering you. There’s far more enjoyment in doing so (for me, at least.)
    · Nov 30, 01:13 PM
  7. Jake responds with:

    Hmm… had to buy something to complete the offer? I guess it depends on what offer you choose, the one I did just asked for my credit card and gave me a free month of dialup access. I plan on cancelling it as soon as the offer “goes through.”

    If anyone else wants to help me out it would be appreciated. Noe one seems to care at Re¢ently and I’m not sure how else to get the referrals besides asking individuals. And I have a feeling that would not be too effective outised of good friends like you guys.

    Yeah Ty, if you could bring the amp up for the holiodays I’m sure we could get mark to give you like a hundred bucks for your trouble since you had to get it repaired. It’d be easier for him than buying a whole new amp.
    · Nov 30, 05:08 PM
  8. Jake responds with:

    Jeez, what the heck happened? I have 5 people and no one completed the offer. So I am still effectively at *0* toward my camera. I even tried to get a guy to help me out and signed up for Blockbuster for a free trial as a barter thing. He didn’t help me, though I may switch over to Netflix in the future. I like underdogs and this whole DVD’s showing up on my doorstep thing is enjoyable.

    End rant.
    · Dec 16, 06:44 PM
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