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Beer logos and other random naughty bits

Dec 6, 01:09 PM · from the mouth of Jake

A lot easier than building it from scratch, while drunk

Well ok, so they’re not actually naughty.

Guiness LogoI almost met this guy once, there are occasionally blogger meet and greets in the Boston area, Dan Cederholm. He’s got a link to a large list of Beer Logos in Illustrator format. So if any of you are in need of a logo, head on over there. I’m not sure how long the web site will be there since one of the beer companies might complain.

And of course it’s mostly famous beer brands.

Free camera for Christmas

It’s going along smoothly so far. With one random person I now have 4 tentative referrals. Bryan and Ty, make you sure you follow through with that stuff, they need to get a 100% confirmation. Just remember, the free ISP signups seem to be the best bet. I plan on cancelling my service soon and just reaping the free referral. :) Thanks again for helping me out with being cheap.

Photo headers

Everything seems to be working fine, but we need picture submissions. Remeber it’s 770×130 currently for picture size. The two I put up there were crops from some desktop wallpaper I have so it’s not my work. I’d like the delete them so as not to get in trouble with the true owners.

I’m trying to come up with ways of highlighting who posts the picture and stuff. I don’t want too much text on the page, so maybe just a small “by: so and so” in the bottom right hand corner.

That is all for now…



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