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a reminder to Tyler and Jim to get AIDS

Jan 2, 11:12 AM · from the mouth of Bryan Hey everyone happy frigin new year. I hope you had as much fun getting drunk and making out with random people as I did :P. Anyways January begins our little contest. Now remeber, we can post routines, suggestions, dietary tips, etc. periodically online. Remeber to take those first degrading pictures. Save the pix until February for the before and after shots, and then post them. Don’t post the pix now, unless you feel it will help.

Health Shake

*GNC Pro Performance Whey Protein (2 scoops) vanilla

*1 banana

*strawberries (seasonal)

*flax seed

*wheat grass

*2 cups of skim milk

*peanut butter

  • “splash” of soy milk

After this first week, I’ll post my workout routine for an example. I haven’t completely figured out the routine for myself. Happy sweating. Oh, if you guys don’t like the tredmill, just plan an hour plus of hardcore intense sex, that usually does the trick for the aerobics too, but do it after you lift weights, especiallly your legs!



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