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Iak, I love thee...

Jan 5, 06:19 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Ok, so I had to declare my love for our dear Iakypoo in public. “YYYAAAAWWWWPPPP!!!!!”

Anyway, so yeah – you ask why… why WHY!!!! do you love Iak so much there dear Uncle Jimmy? Well, that’s simple you see. Iakypoo was so kind as to set this blog up and to introduce us to such a fantastic tool. Now I’m in the process of setting one up for Sarah’s trip around the world. I’m extremely pleased with the ease of setup and use. I’ve been bitten by a bug in the newest version – but that aside, I’m quite happy with it and just appreciate the fact that Iak knows his poopy and has shared it with us.

Thanks Iak for being such a wonderful Goa… er, person.

And keep up the good work with this site. I’m sure to be steali, er, borrowing code from it to improve sarah’s site. ;)

Oh yeah – and when her site is up, I’ll post a link to it here obviously. Her trip around the world should be incredible and something to watch. It’s probably the closest any of us will get to doing the same. :)

Uncle Jimmy


Comment [4]

  1. Andy responds with:

    hehe – ya know at Dartmouth they called the Semester at Sea “Sex at Sea”.

    But I’m sure Sarah will defy that stereotype. Just be sure to use protection when she gets back.

    All this talk of Iak reminds me of a song from Ren and Stimpy that I can still remember:

    To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”:

    Our country reeks of trees,
    Our yaks are really large,
    And they smell like rotting beef carcases.

    Ok so that’s all I remember. That’s for Iak!
    · Jan 5, 06:55 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Yes, truly a fabulous thing you’ve made for us, Iak. Truly. Good show, ole’ chap!

    That being said, we’ve all been too busy to really use it over the last month. Between holidays and crazy work days, we’ve sort of let it stagnate. I check it everyday, but never have more than a minute or two to write. So I call upon us during this little stint of creativity to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

    And post naked pictures or yourselves.

    That’s something I plan to do shortly, as a matter of fact. I still haven’t begun my new weight-loss regimen yet, but have big plans to do so this coming week. BIG plans!!
    · Jan 6, 11:20 AM
  3. jake responds with:

    You’re welcome boys.

    Uncle Yimmy, I still haven’t found a good gallery that I’ve had time to shoehorn into this app. But in looking for a solution (to a project that I probably won’t get, yet again) I came across some gallery software that might work reeeeealy well for you and Sarah. Along with the general gallery features it also adds in a method for people to order larger download files to print at home, and possibly a way to get prints. So you could hypothecitally set it up after your done shooting a wedding and have done the initial printing. You’d still get paid, but wouldn’t have to print out stuff from 9 months earlier that seems to have been lost.

    Andy, I had the next line on the tip of my toungue but had to look it up to remember the whole thing.
    · Jan 6, 04:25 PM
  4. the sneak responds with:

    oh ho ho yeah livin’ it up on that there boat… er, ship… they also call it ‘love boat’ and ‘kindergarten at sea’... but then again CU is the ‘number one party school’ and i’m pretty sure there are better parties than the lame-ass ones i throw together…
    · Jan 14, 04:55 PM
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