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pursuing nostalgia...

Jan 5, 07:35 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So I was thinking back to the days of long hair and no beer, and I remembered the Pickled Pollies Website.

Gosh, I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if it was still around?

Well, it is, exactly where I left it: Pickled Pollies Website

You guys should all go see this. Be prepared to cringe!

I thought it would be nice, for posterity’s sake, to move this site into the goofyguys domain, since we actually own it. The original site is only around thanks to the fact that my dad hasn’t cancelled our old AOL accounts at home. I still use PickeldP as my AIM screen name, but I don’t know if that protects an ancient subscription web alotment.

So who’s with me?!


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  1. Andy responds with:

    dang I did the link wrong – click on my name and it oughta work
    · Jan 5, 07:36 PM
  2. Jim responds with:

    Good lord yeah… what a flashback. Though, I have to admit that I’m exceptionally proud of the footer.

    This site uploaded 8/4/96. Moved 9/1/96. Last update 3/23/98

    How many geeks out there can claim this? I mean… my god. We were designing pages back when the web was in its adolescence.

    Gentlemen… we made our mark on history. Now, the only thing that bums me out is the fact that the Internet Archive didn’t pick it up until 2001. This saddens me, but oh well. We all know in our hearts that the footer is not lying.

    Oh and Iakypoo – can you check out how the links are being interpreted, I think mine might be broken too and I know that I’m doing them right. Thanks baby.
    · Jan 5, 08:22 PM
  3. Jim responds with:

    This frightens me:*/
    · Jan 5, 08:31 PM
  4. jake responds with:

    Well as links go you’re making them correctly, you’re just not including “http://” in them which breaks them even when you are writing out the full thing. <a href=”http://...”>a link</a>

    Unless of course your link is local. Then you don’t need the http part.

    As for archiving the site I have no problem with that. Someone just needs to give up the FTP info or pass me along all the files.

    And we could set up a sub-domain if we wanted just to make it easier to remember. Like “” or “” or whatever we wanted. Not like is that hard to remember…
    · Jan 6, 01:47 PM
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