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Web hosting advice

May 24, 07:30 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Hello computer literate folks (and Bryan),

I’m lookin’ to start a couple web sites of my own: one for me, one for my summer band. I’d really like them to have their very own domain names, like or something like that. I see many of you guys doing this already, so I’m curious as to what you use, and what works. I remember Tyler mentioned doteasy to me a while ago. Has that been working well? Any other suggestions from the more tech-savvy among us?


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I can post again!

May 13, 07:29 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Yes that’s right, I’m posting for the sake of posting. I will not sit idly by and watch Goofyguys slide into disrepair!

Speaking of disrepair, did news of the Henry Hudson Parkway shutdown reach you guys in the rest of the world? Long story short, a huge retaining wall collapsed and covered the northbound parkway in dirt and debris. Luckily, no one was hurt and no buildings seem to have been damaged. Unluckily, I happen to live about 5 blocks from the site! So my commute home last night got extended by about 300%.

Anyhow, enough talk, here’s a link to a picture about it.

In other news, following in the footsteps of Jim’s globetrotting girlfriend, Lisa is going to China for 2 weeks next friday. (oh by the way Jim – quit shagging and say something!) Unlike Sarah, she will not have a blog, nor is she going with a bunch of other horny co-eds: she’ll be with her family. Meanwhile, I’ll be still in NY wasting the days away at school, missing my usual role as Lisa’s kinky S&M slave.

In technology news, I have 3 new toys (yes 3). 1 is an iPod, which is awesome. 2, for you fellow music geeks, is Sibelius 3.1, the major rival to Finale notation software that is SO MUCH BETTER! Plus, my school bought it for me. =) Last is a flash-memory mp3 recorder with built in mics – the description doesn’t sound that great, but it is truly an AWESOME little thing. Jake – is there any way I can post sound files? I’d love for you all to hear my farts again… =)

Also, back home in good old CT, we just held the first execution in NEW ENGLAND in 45 years. Also, the Pentagon wants to close down the sub base in New London. So, basically, everyone’s hating on CT.

Ok, that should be enough to get some comments going. Discuss!


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Back to music...

Feb 1, 10:51 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So one of my self-enrichment projects of late has been to go through the “All Songs Considered” archives and catch myself up on the latest intellectual and esoteric new music. That’s where I found Yat-Kha

It’s indescribable – you have to hear it to believe it!

On an unrelated note, I got a letter from Ted Kennedy today, who has already started his 2006 re-election campaign. The most fun I had today was trying to read it out loud in his accent!

Go Pats!


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pursuing nostalgia...

Jan 5, 07:35 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So I was thinking back to the days of long hair and no beer, and I remembered the Pickled Pollies Website.

Gosh, I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if it was still around?

Well, it is, exactly where I left it: Pickled Pollies Website

You guys should all go see this. Be prepared to cringe!

I thought it would be nice, for posterity’s sake, to move this site into the goofyguys domain, since we actually own it. The original site is only around thanks to the fact that my dad hasn’t cancelled our old AOL accounts at home. I still use PickeldP as my AIM screen name, but I don’t know if that protects an ancient subscription web alotment.

So who’s with me?!

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A New North America

Nov 9, 07:53 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Hehe – I’m still an image retard. It’s my first time!

Election Map



Oct 31, 10:54 PM · from the mouth of Andy

You all need to try Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale.

It’s Halloween. I haven’t really done much for it – Friday I had to dress up for school, so I just slapped on a black jacket and called myself “Lurch”, but other than that I’ve been a little bit of a “Halloween Humbug”.

So I was out grocery shopping tonight, and there was this beer I mentioned sitting on the chilled beer shelf. I don’t usually like pumpkin things (I know: FREAK) but I thought I should give it a try given my relative lack of Halloween cheer so far. So I took some home and tried, and it was freakin’ tasty! It’s like pumpkin pie without the funny texture, plus a good dark ale-y brew flavor. And it’s cold and frothy – mm, mm, good!

Really I’m telling you all this because I’m putting off writing tomorrow’s lesson plans.

Crap, did I just type that out loud?


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Happy Rosh Hashanah!/I'm a dumbass

Sep 16, 12:56 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Thank Holy Moses, I have the day off from schul today.

And I have some humor to share with you, courtesy of the man behind Da Ali G Show:

Funny link that wasn’t a link before…

Now you may have noticed that this isn’t actually a link. That’s because I couldn’t figure out how to make it into one on textpattern. I also couldn’t seem to get back to our earliest articles on the main site, where I’m pretty sure jake explained all this… even when I clicked on the archive for August 30, it only showed me about the 10 most recent postings. And the search function doesn’t seem to do anything either. Am I just dumb?

I’m going back to bed now. =)

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This is not about bread

Sep 12, 03:13 AM · from the mouth of Andy

Sorry Jim and Tyty (hehe – Lisa just pointed that that almost says “titty” – hehe) but I just gotta post something that’s not about bread.

The trouble is, I don’t really have anything notable to say. I guess I just want in on this thing – meaningful contribution to this forum has the allure of John’s warm buttcheeks when he’s had too much tequila.

So I’ve been an elementary school music teacher for a week now. I’m one of four men at my school. I have my lunch period with all the 3rd grade and 1st grade teachers, all of whom are female, so I got caught in a conversation about comparing pregnancies the other day – did you know that some women claim to be able to tell the sex of a baby by the way the mama’s belly hangs? “I can just tell,” they say in their funny Rockland County accents: “Oy ken just TELL!” Imagine the things I’ll be able to do by June….

It turns out I’m decently good at entertaining kids. People forget that, when you’re in first grade, holding hands and walking in a circle is REALLY fun! It’s even more fun to turn around and go the other way. Of course, this pales in comparison to the pee-your-pants hilarity of saying your name with a different initial consonant. One third grade class actually thought Jacob was the funniest name of them all when sung in my name game song like this:

“Jacob, Jacob, bo-Bacob, banana-fana-fo-Facob, me, my, mo-Macob, Jacob.”

My secret, mind-in-the-gutter favorite, though, was Kristen. =)

I miss Bryan’s head.


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My butt stinks like yeast

Sep 9, 01:16 AM · from the mouth of Andy

Yay I finally made it to this thing!

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been engrossed in starting my new teaching job. Yesterday was the first day of school, and boy was it fun! The best part is, I actually get PAID tomorrow!!

Just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive – I haven’t read any of the postings on the site yet, but I should be caught up on those soon.

My cock bleeds for you!

-Mr. Man

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