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Penny Arcade does He-Man

Dec 19, 01:18 AM · from the mouth of Jake

Lately Wikipedia has been under fire because its critics point out how when anyone can edit anything you sometimes get malicious editors screwing things up.

Well Penny Arcade, in their own, little, twisted way decided to say something about it.


Visiting Mer in Boston

Nov 15, 01:59 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Just add some fuel to Tyty’s fire, about only a few people posting here, I though I’d share my trip up to Boston. Nothing outrageous happened but I discovered two things.

Movies can still be cool.

The main event of the evening was going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on an Imax theater in Jordan’s furniture. You read that right, you walk through a furniture store and find a theater in the back.

The Imax isn’t one of those huge wrap around dealies you see in museums but it was plenty big. The sound was big too, bass shook the seats. And get this… no commercials! No nothing!

All they had in the theater was good music and a “light show.” And then we got to see the movie. I guess they didn’t need to shove crap down our throats because they make up the difference in leather couchs.

Black O’lantern

Before the movie we went out for dinner at a nice BBQ place down the street from Mer’s apartment. They had a lovely selection of beers including the Black O’lantern. What a wonderful drink. It’s kinda like a black ‘n tan, only black ‘n orange. ;) First dump in half a pint of Post Road Pumpkin Ale and then half a pint of Guinness. I got an extra kick because Mer ordered the Pumpkin and her roommate ordered a Guinness. I couldn’t decide so I got both…

Even though I only got to go up there for the evening I had a lot of fun. And got to see first hand how the MPAA is a bunch of tools who don’t know what they’re doing.

Mer has a nice, little, cozy place too. You guys should try and visit her once in a while. :)

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Hardware Store Video

Oct 26, 10:37 PM · from the mouth of Jake

On Weird Al’s last album he had a lovely little ditty call Hardware Store. Some high school kid named Kurt Larson made a music video for his class. We could have done this!! :)

Hardware Store Capture

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Geeky Beer Cooler

Oct 18, 03:09 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Beer Cooler I’m not sure what was going through my head with that last post. But here I have redeemed myself with a fancy way to keep your beer cool. Anybody interested in making one of these?

The Peltier Beer

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Totally random thoughts...

Oct 18, 12:27 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I haven’t anyhting lately, I hadn’t even posted anything exciting over on Re¢ently till last night. That is since writing about Serenity a couple weeks ago. Which reminds me, if you can go see it, do. It’s more about the characters than the sci-fi, which naturally is how a movie should be. Explosions are cool, but pretty much any movie in any genre can be good if it has good character development. In my mind it’s how Pixar kicks Dreamworks ass regularly.

One random thing I saw this morning involves video games. Which I know none of you regularly play any more, but I figure with our geeky pasts you’ll appreciate the jokes.

First some history…

Some of you may have heard about the Hot Coffee Mod for Grand Theft Auto. Basically in the latest iteration there was some hidden content that the developer, Rockstar games, looked into but decided not to use. This occurs often in the games industry because you could easily pull that content out 3 weeks before shipping it out and find out a big indrectly related section stops working because of it. A while after the games release a group of people playing with modifying the game content found the hidden content and all hell broke loose.

This content contained a sex minigame where instead of just alluding to you getting busy with some girl you just took on a date you actually get busy with her. I’ve never played the game but my understanding is that the actual control of the minigame is something along the lines of a 14 year old trying to remove a bra one-handed. Maybe that’s why they scrapped it, being a bunch of developer nerds, they couldn’t figure out how sex actually works.

In any event this created a huge uproar because everyone knows that parents don’t actually pay attention to what games their kids are playing. Not to mention the fact that you needed one of those cheating devices like the old Game Shark’s for your Playstation2 to get at the content.

Every parent moderately paying attention screamed, “If my kid is going to see boobies it’s gonna be cause they’re up late watching HBO or digging through the Playboy’s in my closet!”

Back to today

Sorry, this is getting long..

After everyone in D.C. started getting involved we got our lovely friend Jack Thompson going on a publicity binge. He even claimed he would donate $10,000 to a charity if someone would make some game he came up with. Naturally he backed out when someone actually made a game.

Picking up the slack, Tycho and Gabe

Of the hillarious Penny Arcade fame make the donation for him… In his name… He cries…

Sorry, I’m not even sure where I was going with this. It sounded a lot funnier knowing the whole back story and hearing the quick blurb. The back story really kills the humor. My bad, I’m posting it anyway for posterity… And cause I just spent 20 minutes writing it down when I should have been working.


Happy Belated Birthday TyTy

Sep 30, 06:34 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Happy Birthday!!!

I thought about changing the timestamp on this post and cheat. But I figured someone might notice. ;) I hope it kicked some ass!

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Compact Flash Comparison 1GB

Aug 30, 04:51 PM · from the mouth of Jake

With all the talk about cameras lately I thought I would just throw up a quick link to a comparison of high speed compact flash cards. I know not everyone’s camera uses Compact Flash, but it’s still an interesting read.

p.s. I have the Kingston Elite Pro they mention and it is mighty quick. I’m sure it would be better with a faster camera. It was a steal with a coupon and a rebate to boot.

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Happy Birthday John!!!

Jul 13, 06:48 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m about to run out of work, but before I do, and don’t get another chance…

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!

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Release Candidate 3

Apr 19, 01:19 AM · from the mouth of Jake

I updated us to the latest version of Textpattern. Some things still don’t work, like the search box and the category drop down. And some new things have broken, like the click an author name and get a listing of articles.

I finished for the most part, so before I move on to something totally new I figure I’ll tidy up around here a little bit. Let me know if you notice anything new that’s broken and I’ll add to the list of things to repair.

Update: If anyone has any ideas on what to do about a logo and the text up top I’m all ears. I don’t want it to be too outlandish, but I’d like some text that isn’t so boring and that we can turn into an actual graphic to overlay onto the background images. If you need some web sites to peruse for ideas let me know. I’m having the same problem with the Band’s logo…

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More Digital SLR

Mar 27, 12:04 AM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get a digital SLR at the rate things are happening. For a while there I obviously thought I’d just wait and “get a lower level camera to take shots on the go.”

But after a whopping 1 actual referral I figure that’s a bust. So I pondered what to do, I could always go the route of Yimmy and get the D70. Or I could go out and get myself the Canon equivalent. I still figure those $1500-ish models are a little higher than I can afford. But I also never like to go half assed.

So what do I do?

My current camera system is Pentax, though I don’t have as many lenses as Jim. So I could actually jump to another manufacturer. Well I thought I had an epiphany a short while ago. Pentax released an updated digital SLR, the get the thing for $700 if I just shop around.

Hell, the model has the exact same sensor as Jimmy’s. So what’s the problem, why not do this as a stepping stone for now?

Well then Canon just had to release the XT, an 8 megapixel update to the original digital rebel. Plus we still never heard of a D200 from Nikon… so what to do? How do you figure something like this out?

Well I think I’m gonna need a good ass kicking so that I don’t go out and buy the *ist DS. I think the price is pretty enticing. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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