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Who were the adwizards who came up with that one?

Mar 26, 10:12 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Tyler is there something you’re not telling us? What genius came with the logo for this place?

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A new way to connect.

Feb 17, 12:07 PM · from the mouth of Jake

First off, this is my first post using XML-RPC. “What the hell is XML-RPC?!?” I hear you saying. Basically it a script with a bunch of functions that allows other interfaces (usually a desktop application) to connect and post content. I haven’t gotten to test all the applications out there to tell you which one works best, and they all revolve around Movable Type so things aren’t always what they seem. For example I am writing this with ecto which is a neat little application, on OS X. On windows it’s still in its infancy and pretty much stinks.

I began testing it while working on my band’s web site. (It’s still not done, and I think I’m going to end up redesigning it in 6 months, I just built it, I didn’t design it.) And I’ve been really wanting to put it into Re¢ently. The problem with that being I have to take the base and build it out to work with my home grown system.

If you’d like to play with all this stuff you can by just pointing whatever program you have at the front page. I set up a header element to point the program at the XML-RPC stuff so you don’t need the subdirectory information.

In general this isn’t a huge deal, you guys don’t have any problems posting by yourselves to the web site. But I find a program like this can help for something that’s mulling in your head. I’m currently working on my bio for Ambershed on my Power Book and can just save the draft of it until I’m done and ready to publish it. Of course you can just hide posts from the public in the web admin too… If anyone has any questions let me know.


Vagari really is a fitting username

Dec 16, 05:02 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’ll have to look it up to be exactly certain but my lease is done in the near future. I still have plenty of debt and, based on projections, until I pay off my Golf in a few months I have about $23.50 to work with every month after bills and trying to budget for future things like car insurance.

Having kick ass parents like I do they offered to put me up in my old room for about a third of the rent I’m paying now. And I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for utilities obviously. And I wouldn’t have to give up broadband… So my plans for thwarting Mark’s plans for world domination can go ahead unobstructed.

And if I ever did find somewhere else to go I wouldn’t have to wait till my lease was up, I’d just say catcha ya later Maw and Paw.

So I’ve thought about it a lot, and unless I win a shitload of money or find a reliable roommate, and an apartment for practically nothing, I’ll be reloacting again.

So now it’s 3 times in 3 years. Outside of saving more money than I can count ;) I might actually do some crazy things like get a cat. I wanted one last year when I was offered one but they’re not allowed where I’m living currently.

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Beer logos and other random naughty bits

Dec 6, 01:09 PM · from the mouth of Jake

A lot easier than building it from scratch, while drunk

Well ok, so they’re not actually naughty.

Guiness LogoI almost met this guy once, there are occasionally blogger meet and greets in the Boston area, Dan Cederholm. He’s got a link to a large list of Beer Logos in Illustrator format. So if any of you are in need of a logo, head on over there. I’m not sure how long the web site will be there since one of the beer companies might complain.

And of course it’s mostly famous beer brands.

Free camera for Christmas

It’s going along smoothly so far. With one random person I now have 4 tentative referrals. Bryan and Ty, make you sure you follow through with that stuff, they need to get a 100% confirmation. Just remember, the free ISP signups seem to be the best bet. I plan on cancelling my service soon and just reaping the free referral. :) Thanks again for helping me out with being cheap.

Photo headers

Everything seems to be working fine, but we need picture submissions. Remeber it’s 770×130 currently for picture size. The two I put up there were crops from some desktop wallpaper I have so it’s not my work. I’d like the delete them so as not to get in trouble with the true owners.

I’m trying to come up with ways of highlighting who posts the picture and stuff. I don’t want too much text on the page, so maybe just a small “by: so and so” in the bottom right hand corner.

That is all for now…


New Years

Dec 1, 02:04 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Do we all have any plans for this year? I know poor Jimmy is soooo far away, but TyTy might be around, and bring the bass amp (don’t forget), and the rest of us are within a couple hour drive. Could we set something up so Jackie and I aren’t stuck at my rents house watching Pete?

Well actually, if we don’t have another venue there’s always my rents house, and we’d have it all to ourselves, and Pete. Any ideas?

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Kinda like a Pyramid scheme... without the work

Nov 29, 05:31 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I was thinking about doing something like this to get a free iPod a while back. But I figured it was too much work.

But then I noticed that people were actually receiving iPods.

But although I may want to try that out in the future with you guys. I heard of a new one, get a free digital camera

You basically pick between 4 different cameras and then sign up for one free offer (just make sure you click on my referral link, otherwise I won’t get credit). I signed up for the free one month of Netscape Dial-up. I figure once it “goes through” I can just cancel and I’m never even charged anything.

It’s not quite getting a 20D but since I’ve been wanting a digital camera for a while that I can use for everyday stuff and not have to get film developed. Besides it’s f’n free if you don’t let the offer lapse and start sending some company money. :)

And if you’re curious, I had a hard time deciding between the Canon A95 and the Sony DSC-W1 but I ended up picking the Canon for it’s slightly better picture quality and it doesn’t use a Sony memory stick.

I looked at reviews at a bunch of places. including cNet and Steve’s Digicams

I hope at least a couple of you try it out so I can get my free camera. It requires 7 referrals, so even if all of you help me out I’d still need 1 more. I guess I’ll post this on my other blog too…

Thanks everybody

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How to work with images.

Nov 12, 12:23 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I thought I’d give you guys some various ways to work with images on the site. There’s multiple ways and it’s tough to know which one to use. So I’ll go through each one and hopefully help everyone figure it out.


Old school house !/images/44t.jpg (Old school house)! Notice the “t” that means I’m using the thumbnail. A big help if the image is huge. You have to make your own thumbnails until I add in a thumbnail generator thingy.


Old school house <txp:thumbnail id="44" /> This is using the type of code that is native to this system. The one above is Textile, by the same developer.


<img src="/images/44t.jpg" /> This is similar to the last one in structure, but it’s the actual html code that you’d be putting in if we didn’t have this system. It allows adding a lot of extra attributes and stuff. Not necessarily needed however. Notice the “t” again.

jbe_dsimage Plugin

<txp:jb_dsimage src="/images/44.jpg" /> One of the great things about this system is it allows plugins. We actually have five of them running right now. This one puts in the thumbnail for you and links it using Javascript to the larger image in a pop-up. It’s also tweaked to add in the shadow to the background of the image. Which is a nifty feature. Especially if you’re using a modern browser like Firefox, Opera, or Safari, Omniweb on the Mac. Internet Explorer 6 can do something similar (using hacks that bloat the code) but since the browser hasn’t been fucking updated since 2001 there’s lack of full support for PNG files. which the shadows are, providing full alpha transparency so the shadow blends in with the background. Whether it be a solid color or some bizarre tiled image of Jim’s member.

Sorry about the rant on IE, it’s just one of those things that pisses off many of us web developers. And considering Firefox has many more features and is 1.0 you should be using it anyway. It also has less security holes. But like I said, an updated browser in OS X can do all this stuff too.


So that wraps up working with images. I hope it helps you guys include images in your posts as opposed to just linking to the full size image. Just make sure your thumbnails aren’t too huge. And remember, you can add a link (just like some of you have been doing) to the full size image.


Aww shoot...

Nov 3, 01:28 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Well, congratulations have to go to Bryan for somehow picking the winner this year, even with all the facts going against them.

I was glad to see that we got soooo many people to go out and vote. But it’s remarkable that the same percentage of young voters (18-24) went out. Especially since they were supposedly predominantly Kerry. You’d think they would have voted, no matter who it was for.

I just hope in four years we get a real candidate, no matter what side of the fence he’s on. I really feel like we’ve been chosing the lesser of two evils forever. If it weren’t for Clinton’s charisma I could imagine (though we could be too young to fathom) that the lesser of two evils had been going back to JFK.

How come we have so many mindless sheep that follow these two parties? Can anyone answer a question like that? A week on the Internet would open so many people’s eyes to all the crap that both parties are.

Maybe Howard Dean will save us with his Scream special attack and we won’t have to deal with any bullshit going on in the government.

Another quick question, Bry, did you ever do the Appalacian trail thing. I have a vague memory of you doing that like 10 years ago?

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Leaving Kids Behind at Walmart

Oct 27, 03:32 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m sure you guys remember Andy’s aggressive stance on No Child Left Behind. How it’s giving more money to schools who perform better and less money to schools who don’t. So it’s basically ass backward. The kids who need money don’t get any, and the kids who live in towns like Avon get gold cock rings.

Well Jackie has to write a paper on education and she wanted to compare public and catholic/private schools. We stumbled across an interesting web site about catholic schools in CT.

The first thing you notice is that the government is cutting even more funding out of No Child Left Behind.

But then you scroll down and you can see the breakup of how much money the catholic schools in CT get in annual funding from NCLB. Wait a second, do you mean to tell me that St. Catherine Academy in Bridgeport only got $97 this year? While good old Xavier, with all those destitute BMW driving 16 year olds got $3,796.

That seems soooo fair. Oh yeah, and if you were wondering, that’s how much the school gets. Not each student. So even Xavier’s cut looks tiny.

Anyone wanna go dig some money out of our couches and give it to St. Catherine Academy?


Things you might find interesting...

Oct 21, 05:14 PM · from the mouth of Jake

First off we have a moderately expensive, but possibly super useful Bread bag. That ones for Yimmy and TyTy. Personally if I made bread and had a little extra money I’d probably buy something like this. It’d be great cause I’d make sack jokes all the time. “Hey, I got a nice warm sack waiting for you back at my place.”

And second we have something for Jimothy that he’ll probably just curse at. Hopefully whenever the hell Nikon releases a D200 maybe you’ll find something helpful in there, or you can keep tabs to see if a comparable book comes out for your camera.

Also, I noticed a lot of weird things that I thought were working the last time I made modifications. I’m not sure why they all suddenly broke, but I’ll get around to fixing things eventually. I’ve been busy lately with things. It’s not ending soon, but maybe once the World Series is over I can push things through a little better. I hate work constipation.


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