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I've been violated

Oct 7, 04:45 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Well I’m not going to go into the story and stuff, but I’ll give you guys a recap.

Last night my apartment was broken into. And the little bastards only took three basic things. My Nintendo GameCube, all my PS2 and GameCube games, and a bunch of coins. Some from my “private collection” and my loose change jar.

It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m fairly certain is was a bunch of idiotic kids. otherwise they would have stolen my Powerbook which was sitting 3 feet away. Though they might have tried and the little guy put up a fight. He is a wily little one.

So now I have to make sure I remember all the games I had, which would be easier if I played the darn things more often.

Luckily I carried over the renters insurance that I got last year with John (we needed it with all the stuff we broke during romps) so I’m covered for most of the stuff. I figure I’ll replace whatever games I’d still play and save the rest for a couple new ones and maybe extra controllers, etc (they stole those too).

And since I didn’t post anything last Friday. Everyone wish a happy mother trucking birthday to Jackie (jackie10286 -> yahoo dot com). ;)

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Happy Birthday TyTy

Sep 29, 06:56 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m pretty positive it’s today, right? I hope it kicks ass. Me, I got some new medication for my sinus infection and all it’s done so far is make me light headed. And later I have band practice. I hate driving on 84 at 10:00 at night. But enough about me. I already gave you a present Ty, but let me know if you need another pair of hands for the wild jello wrestling to take place with the other guys. I’ll be certain to slap John if he doesn’t give you a birthday reach around.

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More RSS and Cameras

Sep 28, 03:47 PM · from the mouth of Jake


So I stumbled upon two more pages about RSS.

The first is a whole section of CNET discussing the technology and a few programs to do the feed reading.

The second is just an article on Techdirt and on that one they talk about some new developments. Some people have done cool things involving screen scraping (where you read a web page and only pull out specific things) and you can do fun things like read comics, track FedEx packages, etc. I’ve been playing this weird web/text based game where you’re a vampire. It’s not very pretty like Doom 3 or anything, but it doesn’t require a lot of effort or time wasting. I was thinking about scraping my pertinent stats and feeding it up so I know when my movement points max out, etc.


I wish it was news for Yimmy about the D200 but it is interesting camera news nonetheless for anyone curious about this type of stuff. The first medium format digital camera.

And while at Franni Alberti’s wedding on Saturday (now Franni Monk), watching Cout’s band play, I noticed that the two wedding photographers were using Nikon D1x’s. And supposedly are very popular (the other member was at a party some famous person was throwing) in the area because they jumped to digital while everyone was still testing it. I don’t remember the name of the studio sadly, but my mom might as the we had a relative of the owner sitting at our table and you know my mom and talking.

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Sep 24, 05:20 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Well that was a little bitch. I had to hack the plugin used for getting the dates and make it work correctly with the “clean” urls. And the file that does the “clean” urls was a pain in the butt too. I swear I tried the method that actually ended up working to begin with. So to make a long story short the links at the bottom, for the archives, should all work now. If you click on August you’ll actually get the messages posted in August. :)

So now I’m gonna try and do the author things. I’m not sure how long that’ll be, but I think it’s a good thing to have.

Other than that we just have some general tweaks. And we’re using a beta version of the weblog software. This past week the developer guy released the first release candidate of version 1.0. So when the final comes out I’ll try and put that in. Who knows how that’ll go when you consider all the hacking I’m doing to this thing. But my understanding is it has some reorganization to the administration area so it won’t go unnoticed by you guys.


Nikon D2X

Sep 16, 12:39 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Sorry Yimmy, This isn’t exactly what you wanted, but maybe it’s foreshadowing… Either way it looks pretty nice of a camera, just’ll be in 5-6 thousand range…


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Reorganization and Styling

Sep 10, 05:12 PM · from the mouth of Jake

So I was talking to my old roommate Brian from college. Who’s pretty darn good at picking apart what I’m working on. He gave me a whole list of things, some of which I haven’t gotten to yet, I’ll add to this when I do get to them.

For starters he wanted me to move around some of the elements, like having the 7 subsequent articles fall below the third one. And naturally label the top three as “The Three Latest…”

Then flip the color coding back to the left. He also wanted these to link to “articles by author” pages to get to a sort of archive based on who you click. This feature is not built into the system, so while I can specify to list off articles by a certain person, I can not do this with a variable and would need to build 6 separate pages, one for each of us. Fuck that. ;)

I also made the pages a bit more sematic, so if you had the outliner extension for Firefox/Mozilla you’d be able to see how the page has a hierarchy. :) Nerdy but not without necessity.

And so, Jim suggested we vote on the current design because it rubs him the wrong way. Personally I find it to be a big deviation from a generic weblog and think that’s a good thing. Brian says “that’s its most endearing feature.”

But naturally he has nothing to do with the site other than commentary, and I’m only one of six. So what does everyone else think about the design and overall layout? Would you tweak it, drop it, keep it? Not as interesting as yeast rising but needs to be discussed. ;)

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First Image

Sep 3, 03:26 PM · from the mouth of Jake

A man fishing Well boys, I haven’t had a chance to go through photo stuff yet, but I did notice a couple of plugins for Textpattern that let you do images so I’ll have to go through them.

But here’s an image to hold you over I took while we were in Virginia. Not any of you guys, but it’s one of the better photos I took that didn’t have John’s ass for a focal point.

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More reading on RSS

Sep 3, 12:16 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I didn’t get any feedback about the whole RSS email thingy, so I figured I’d floow it up with some information from another article where they sum it up and provide a link to a longer explanation.

Side note: what does everyone think of the colors? They are far from complete, I’ll keep tweaking for optimum values, but I like the added visual effect they give. :)


River of Beer Found in Germany

Sep 1, 11:00 AM · from the mouth of Jake

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to find the amazing river of beer.

Fresh water from an underground spring flows down a riverbed surrounded by wild hops and barley plants. As the plants are periodically washed into the river, fermentation eventually occurs. The result is a delicious golden lager, which bubbles through the woodlands.

Hooray for the Weekly World News, Not as good as articles from The Onion. But hey beggers can’t be choosers.

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