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Coldplay X&Y

Jun 7, 03:56 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Hey girls-

I just picked up the latest Coldplay album, X&Y at Target and I can say that I already like the crap out of it. I’m listening to it as I’m typing this and have only heard about 50%, but I’m diggin’ it big time.

I kind of took a chance since I haven’t heard much Coldplay before, but the little that I had heard, I enjoyed, so I figured “what the hell…” I’m rather glad I did and i’d highly recommend it.

So yeah… go buy it.



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css confoozled

May 23, 08:12 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Oh great Yakipoo,

I’m perplexed… how are you making your #container sit in the middle of the browser? And maybe this is part of the answer, but why do you have it relatively positioned with left and right auto margins (why relative positioning at all?) I’m still purty green in css and I’m trying to get a center container like you’ve done here, but the only way I can figure out to do it is to do a text-align center in the body, but that’s ugly cuz you have to un-inherit it later. So, logically, I decided to try to steal code from you, but I’m a terrible thief! :)

Any help would be appreciated. I learned more about css this last weekend than I ever thought possible, but it sucked my intelligence out my nose.

Dude… the visual model requires drugs to understand… relative positioning, float, normal flow, etc. have my brain aching so badly. The page that I’m designing is kicking my butt. Theory has it that if your content is structured properly, then normal flow should work for you – but it’s killing me.

Anyway… ramble… moo? Much appreciated, the help is. (awwww crap, episode 3 influenced me.)


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Apr 12, 01:49 PM · from the mouth of Jim

just pokin’ at the fire… it’s far too quiet around here.

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south african journal

Apr 11, 05:23 PM · from the mouth of Jim

well, it’s not gonna be fancy, but I figured that I’d use Sarah’s blog to do my own little journal of the trip. i’ve started at the beginning and hope to post an entry or two each night until i’ve covered the whole thing. i’ve actually typed up through the tuesday night of the trip, so tonight should see at least 1 to 2 more entries.

i’ll also be splitting a section off of her gallery for the photos, but those are going to take me some time. i took a little over 1,000 for a total of about 6GB, so i’ve got some work ahead of me. :)

i wish life had a pause button for when you went on vacation… ::grumble…::


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back from africa...

Apr 8, 02:37 PM · from the mouth of Jim

well girls, happy b-day to all that had one… (sorry ty) :)

the last two weeks were a complete experience. i got home yesterday and proceeded to stare at a letter for nearly 2 minutes trying to figure out how to open it… so as you can imagine, today is catch up day.

i’ve now confirmed that 35 straight hours of travel does not leave you rested. at all... i also learned that 280lb inconsiderate italian guys SUCK to sit next to when the plane ride is a mere 18 hours in length. by the 10th hour my right leg had lost about 40% of its feeling…

however, i think that my body is, generally, back to mountain time as of today. have i mentioned that south africa is FAR away – cuz it is… like… REALLY far…

in any case… for all that were wondering about my silence… that was the reason. soon i will begin going through the ~5GBs of photos and start building a gallery and typing up some stories.

for now it’s back to catching up with life… like, the ungodly amount of money i spent on this trip and how i’m going to pay for it… :)


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This is just not right...

Mar 18, 08:40 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Save Toby

‘nough said. Either this person is sick or a genius… I can’t quite decide.

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

Mar 17, 11:24 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Well girls, I hope you’re all out drinking green beer or Guinness right now. I’ve been so busy lately between processing photo orders and getting ready for the trip that I totally spaced buying a brisket. Oh well – next year! But, I’m definitely gonna go hit the store in a minute and pick up some Guinness. It’s a sin to not have at least one today – right? :-D

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Feb 7, 12:55 PM · from the mouth of Jim

I had to break the silence somehow…

So, on a positive note: they’re fixing the ship and flying the students to their next three ports in the meantime. Sarah’s gonna finish the academic week out in Hawaii, then she’ll be flown to China, Hong Kong and then Vietnam where they’ll meet back up with the ship and resume their normal itinerary. Yay!

Ahh, now to go finish plotting out the trip to South Africa – and my financial demise. :)


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Sarah Cantrell :: @Sea Blog Up!

Jan 16, 09:53 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Come one, come all! Witness first-hand, a previously unseen spectacle that will provide hours of entertainment for you and the whole family!

Announcing: Sarah Cantrell :: @Sea

I had it mostly ready for the public a few days ago, but with the departure frenzy, it’s been hard to find time to polish and announce it. However, my dear girlfriend has officially left the country so everyone should sworm to the blog and read the whopping two entries that have been posted thus far.

It still needs a touch of polishing (especially the photo gallery), so please excuse the occasional inconsistencies between color schemes and all that fun. This is my first adventure into CSS and it’s been an interesting roller coaster ride.

Hopefully Sarah will have the time and access to use this and we’ll all be able to live vicariously through her. My friends – this’ll probably be the closest thing to culture that any of us will ever get. :)

Anyway, enjoy!

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Iak, I love thee...

Jan 5, 06:19 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Ok, so I had to declare my love for our dear Iakypoo in public. “YYYAAAAWWWWPPPP!!!!!”

Anyway, so yeah – you ask why… why WHY!!!! do you love Iak so much there dear Uncle Jimmy? Well, that’s simple you see. Iakypoo was so kind as to set this blog up and to introduce us to such a fantastic tool. Now I’m in the process of setting one up for Sarah’s trip around the world. I’m extremely pleased with the ease of setup and use. I’ve been bitten by a bug in the newest version – but that aside, I’m quite happy with it and just appreciate the fact that Iak knows his poopy and has shared it with us.

Thanks Iak for being such a wonderful Goa… er, person.

And keep up the good work with this site. I’m sure to be steali, er, borrowing code from it to improve sarah’s site. ;)

Oh yeah – and when her site is up, I’ll post a link to it here obviously. Her trip around the world should be incredible and something to watch. It’s probably the closest any of us will get to doing the same. :)

Uncle Jimmy

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