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Aug 26, 12:29 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

As long as I’m here commenting on Jake’s posting, I’ll update you guys to some minor news in my life and a personal conviction that’s been reinforced as a result…

The other day, as we were leaving for Jess’s Triathlon, we had a minor accident on Route 7 in Ridgefield. We were driving along, and suddenly one of the cars traveling in the opposite direction lost a tire. It literally popped off his car while he was driving it — rim and all! It rolled into our lane, I swerved and braked to avoid it, but ended up hitting it any way. The tire went careening through the air and flew over an embankment, never to be seen again. We hit the guard rail while trying to avoid it. Everyone was fine, and the damage was minimal. Just a little damage to the front bumper where we hit the tire, and the fender was a little banged up from hitting the guard rail.

So now a week later, I’m getting it all fixed. The other guy’s insurance is covering it of course, along with the cost of a rental car. So today I drove a bright red 2008 Dodge Caliber to work.

It’s the newest car I’ve ever driven, and it’s pretty sexy! But, dang! As nice as it is, I can tell after an hour of driving it that this is NOT the car for me. Despite that it looks relatively small compared to some of the monsters out there, it still FEELS big. And HEAVY! I could literally feel the gas being sucked away as I accelerated. According to Dodge, it gets 23/27 MPG (city/highway, respectively), which isn’t horrible, but it’s certainly not what I’d call gas efficient, either.

I’d love to get a Prius as my next car. They’re both sexy AND more fuel efficient, at around 45mpg highway. Hopefully it’ll be a while before I need a new car though. Ever since Jess’s third trimester with Kieran, we’ve switched cars because at the time she had trouble getting in and out of her little Saturn. Then it turned out that our car seat fit better in the CR-V, and the Saturn just made more sense for me to commute in. Both cars are 97s, and aren’t getting any younger. But so far they’re still running fine, and hopefully will continue to run for at least another year or two. But when it finally comes time for a new commuter car for me, I’ve got my eye on the Prius.

By the way, while searching for the Prius online, I found a really funny blog called Stuff White People Like. I found it because there was an entry on the Prius, but the whole blog is pretty funny. It’s written by a (white) guy from Canada, who apparently landed a book deal based on the blog after only a month and a half of the blog being up. But I digress….

I also like the looks of the new VW Jetta TDI Clean Diesel. It’s sexy and fairly fuel efficient, using 29/40 mpg.

But my Dad dares to dream even bigger. He’s been talking a lot about the Volkswagen 1L, and after seeing this, you will be too. The name of the car, 1L, stands for One Liter, and the thing gets 100 kilometers per liter of fuel, or 235 mpg. No, I didn’t mistype that. 235 miles per gallon. It’s a two-seater, but the passenger rides behind the driver, like a tandem bicycle. Here’s a link to its Wikipedia page, which is definitely worth a read, and here’s a link to an article with a lot of nice photos. Definitely check both out. It looks like a rocketship on wheels. In fact it sort of looks like something James Bond would have driven in one of the old movies from the 60’s. The 1L is supposedly going into production in 2010, though I’m not sure how many we’ll see in this country.

Finally, semi-related, Toyota has come up with a gadget similar to Segway personal transportation vehicle, called the Winglet. I don’t really see these things catching on, but they do look pretty cool. I would want the medium one, thought the video doesn’t actually show the small in action.

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Aug 19, 03:36 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Hey Guys!

I haven’t written in a very long time. This summer seems to have gotten away from me. So what’s up with you guys? Here’s what’s new with me:

• We just came back from New Hampshire where Jess completed her first triathlon. Can you believe it? My wife, the triathlete! She did great! The race was a 1/3rd-mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run. Her whole goal was to finish and not be last. While she was near the end, she was definitely NOT last, and I’m very proud of her. Here’s a pic taken of her and Tiffany when they finished: (I had the medals made for them!)

• We joined a CSA this summer. Read the above article for some interesting information, but basically it’s just where we pay a farmer up front in the spring, and then all summer and into the fall we get farm-fresh produce. It’s been great! Every monday we get a load of fresh veggies!

• Kieran is cute. What else is new. He’s looking more like a little boy and less like a baby every day.

• I’m working “casually” for August and September. That means that I work 29 hours a week, which works out to full days Monday—Wednesday, then a half-day at home on Thursday and off on Friday. It’s been sweet!! Although I don’t have health insurance yet, so I’m hoping to go full-time in October.

• We’re thinking about building a house. That’s all… just thinking.

So that’s about it for now. What’s up with you guys?

Love, Ty

P.S. Randomly, here’s a picture of Andy and Lego Chewbacca at FAO Schwartz during our visit a few weeks ago:

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Kieran turns one — and YOU'RE INVITED!

Jun 16, 11:47 AM · from the mouth of Tyler

Holy Moses, I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I still vividly remember the nervous excitement I felt before he was born. And now he’s walking! (Well, almost.)

So anyway, this Thursday is his birthday, and we’re having a little shindig at the Nevins Compound. It’s just gonna be us Nevinses, my grandmas, and you guys (if you want to come.) I know it’s a Thursday night and it’s pretty short notice, but you’re all invited if you’d like to come. Jess is making cake!

It’ll be this Thursday, June 19th, around 6:30 or so. Let me know if you can make it!

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Two great NPR stories

May 16, 03:35 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Now that I commute two hours each day, I listen to a LOT of NPR lately. And recently there’s been a lot of bad news in the world. Between the earthquake in China, to the cyclone in Myanmar, to the tornadoes in the US, a lot of what I hear on NPR has been pretty grim.

So I thought I’d share these two entertaining clips I heard on my drive home yesterday.

The first is about a young woman who sings and plays the upright bass. She’s pretty awesome. Listen to the interview here.

And the other is a funny commentary on the soaring cost of beer.


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Checking in...

May 8, 05:02 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Hola happy goofy people! Did you know that f you accidentally type in instead of .net that you get sent to some skeevy dating site? “Lookin’ for some sexy, single Goofy Guys?....”

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve checked in at The Goof. It used to be a multiple-times-a-day occurrence for me to log on here. This is the first time I’ve checked in in over a month! (Well, I did briefly see Jimmy and Jake’s postings, but I didn’t have a chance to reply.)

So, I’m writing from my new job. I’m working at Disney Publishing in White Plains, NY. It’s a haul for me; about an hour. But it actually doesn’t seem that bad. Suprizingly, I don’t mind the commute that much. It’s just two hours out of my day that I don’t get to spend with my wife and son. But hey, I’m bringing home the bacon, right?

So the job is good so far. It’s vastly different than the place I came from. In Richmond, I worked at a small but effective marketing agency, where I had a lot of control over the content I was working with, right from the ideation stage up to production. Here at Disney, one of the largest corporations in the world, I’m but a tiny cog in a great big wheel. But I’m enjoying it well enough, and it’s fun to work with the various Disney brands we’re all familiar with, like Cars and Toy Story (both of which have sequels coming out in the next couple of years) and some of the teeny-bopper stuff like Hannah Montana and High School Musical, and other fun stuff. Plus Disney owns Hyperion Books, which is a children’s book publisher that seemingly has nothing to do with Disney (other than being owned by them). So I also get to work on some cool stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily know was Disney.

It’s a temp-to-perm job, so currently I’m contracting under my creative talent agency, Aquent. But if they like me, then they’ll hire me as a full-time employee. And so far, they seem to like me. So that’s good. And actually, I wouldn’t be a full-time employee… The job I’ll have is considered a “Casual” position, which means I work 29 hours a week. I thought that meant that I wouldn’t get benefits, in which case I wouldn’t take the job. But it turns out that it DOES come with benefits. And the pay is pretty good, EVEN considering it’ll only be 29 hours a week. So I look forward to seeing my family more. I’m hoping to get a four-day work week, but we’ll see how they want me to organize the 29 hours. Oh yeah… One of the perks— FREE passes to Disney World and their other theme parks!! Cool huh? Who knows if we’ll use them, but it’s cool anyway.

So we’re pretty well moved in downstairs. It’s been trying at times living with my parents. It has put a slight strain on my marriage, as I expected it would, but it’s not too bad. We’re living by the Show Choir motto: “Cope and Adjust.”

Kieran’s really growing up fast. He’s not walking yet, but it seems like he will be any day now. He can stand up on his own without holding onto anything, and he can “cruise”, or walk around while holding onto furniture. He’s still not speaking (English, anyway) but he’s fluent in Jibber Jabber.

Jordan mauled a squirrel today. Jess was hysterical. I haven’t seen the crime scene, but apparently it did a number on her too, and Jess had to take her to the vet. Oye.

Oh well, I’ve babbled on for long enough. I should get back to work. We Connecticans should get together soon. Beers. Food. Joy.

K, bye!

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Happy Birfday Andy (and Jimmy, and BryBry)

Apr 2, 10:25 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Oops. Yeah, I try to be good about at least posting a birthday wish on GoofyGuys, but you know how crazy my life has been the last couple of weeks. So happy birthday Andy, on his ACTUAL birthday, and happy birthday Jimmy and BryBry a few days late.

Can’t wait for Andy’s Blowout NYC 29th Birthday Extravaganza!!


This is it!

Mar 10, 02:47 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

It’s Monday morning, and I’m beginning my last week of work at 93 Octane. I’ve got a week to finish my projects, tie-up loose ends, and say my goodbyes. Then we’ll have approximately three days to haul-ass and pack up what’s left of the house, clean the hell out of it, and then officially begin the next phase of our lives.

I’ve got to admit that I’m a little scared. Moving in with your parents at this age is one thing. People do it all the time (Jake… Bryan….), and it’s considered commonplace these day. But moving in with them with your wife and child is another. I’ve heard horror stories. A married couple that we’re friends with did it a few years ago and it nearly ruined their marriage. But then, the parents (or in-laws) in that situation are psychopathic maniacs (or so our friend says) and I’d like to think Jess and I have a stronger marriage than they do. Still though, I know this is going to be a trying time.

Additionally, this is going to be a significant change in my career and working life, whatever happens. Here at my current company, I’ve got a pretty cushy job. I’ve got great bosses, usually a pretty light (or at least manageable) workload, and my commute is a whopping 12 minutes. I’m thinking most of that will change now. I’m crossing my fingers for this place called Alexander Isley, Inc, which would be a dream job. The place is in Redding (so my commute would be equally as short!) and it’s one of the better design firms in the country. I’ve got an interview with them next week. Check out the website. But another option would be Weekly Reader. I actually have a standing job offer there, so that’s great. But it’d probably be a slight step backwards for me in terms of my capabilities and experience level. It’d be a step back in terms of salary too. And it’d be a 45-minute commute. But it’s something. And then there’s Aquent, a creative staffing agency. I got my start with Aquent at Capital One, and that could potentially be something. But it’s essentially temp-work, and would carry the least amount of job security. Plus, most of their clients are in Westchester County New York, and would carry a hefty commute. :(

Yes, this move will be a major life-changing event. But I’m trying to be as positive as possible about it. This is what we need to do in order to get back to our friends (yeay!!) and family. It’s what we must do in order to get our finances under control and save for a house (with goats). Change is good. Right? (right?)

Anywho, I call for a Welcome Home party. I don’t want to put a date on it yet, but we should plan on getting together in the new few weeks. We’ll give you a tour of our new subterranean home, we’ll cook on the grill, and we’ll have some beers. It’ll be grand.

Here we come…....

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Happy Birfday Jake!

Mar 3, 12:14 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Yeay for Jake, the first among us to get to that next year in life. Enjoy the final year of your twenties. Next year is a big one!

I actually dreamt about you last night, Jake. I dreamt that you played the piano for the final episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, (which apparently taped only recently). Then you posted about it here on GoofyGuys. It was funny… you were telling us about how well you did, considering you’re not a pianist. You specifically said “It was like I WAS the piano!”

Then I watched the episode, which you posted online, and sure enough, there was a nice piano accompaniment. But the episode was weird. Mr. Rogers knew he was dying, and he had a special guest on who was a nice 3rd-grade-teacher-ish woman who was supposedly the Angel of Death. And then Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) was on the show and died (or faked dying, not sure which) in a scene slightly reminiscent of the Wicked Witch’s “I’m melting!” scene. It was all very strange, yet Mr. Rogers was still relatively upbeat about his eminent demise.

So on that note, hope your birthday was a happy one!

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Gingerale and a longing for goats.

Feb 26, 06:12 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Yes, weird title for a posting, but it’ll all make sense momentarily.

First though, I wanted to mention that I held out as long as I could. I didn’t want to add to another long string of red postings. I was hoping for a blue one or a green one or, God forbid, an ORANGE one (Jimmy!). But alas. I’ll go again.

Anyway, I want goats. And sheep. And chickens. And huge… tracts of land. It’s true, I want to own a little farm. Jess and I have been reading the blog of a woman in Missouri who lives on a farm and just blogs about cooking, baking, and everyday life on her farm. My mom actually sent us the link. You should check it out if you have time: Farm Girl Fare.

But all of this makes Jess and I really want to have a little farm of our own. Maybe not 240 acres in Missouri, but perhaps 10 or 15 acres somewhere in New England. And I want to raise goats and chickens for milk and eggs (respectively). I’m not interested in raising animals for meat. I have a strict policy of not eating anyone I knew personally. But I have no problem making goat cheese!

In searching the web for anything about chickens, dairy goats, and the like, I came across this site, which is mainly about cheese-making. It’s by a guy who teaches science at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and raises goats and makes his own cheese. That site is packed full of all kinds of info on cheese-making, baking, and other random stuff. Among that random stuff, is this page with instructions on making homemade gingerale. It seemed easy enough, so I thought I’d give it a try. And it was great! So great in fact that I’m wishing I had it here at work with me now. It doesn’t taste like Schwepps’ or anything mass-marketed. It’s a pale yellow like lemonade and has the flavor of real ginger beer.

Here are the instructions, simplified from the aforementioned cheese page:

Get an empty two-liter soda bottle and fill it with:
• One cup sugar
• A couple of tablespoons of fresh-grated ginger
• The juice of a half or whole lemon
• 1/4 teaspoon of yeast
• Fill with water

Put the cap on it, mix it up, and leave it at room temp for a day or two, until it feels firm and carbonated. Then stick it in the fridge over night, and enjoy! It get carbonated by the yeast fermenting the sugar. There is some alcohol in it, but don’t get too excited— you’d have to drink more than two gallons of the stuff to get the same amount of alcohol as one beer. But it’s so good and so easy, you’ve just got to try it. The cheese site also has instructions for root beer, which is basically the same process, except instead of ginger it uses root beer extract, which is supposedly pretty easy to find.

The above photos are all from the sites I mentioned. I can’t take credit for them.

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More pictures

Jan 16, 12:32 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Well there’s nothing else going on around here, so I might as well post some more pictures…

Here’s one of Kieran wearing a little outfit that used to be mine. If you click on it to see the bigger version, you can see that Jess is holding a picture of my mom holding me while I’m wearing it. That’s fun.

Here’s one of a tired family:

Here’s my cute baby on his five month birthday. (He’s seven months now, so you can see how far behind I am that I’m just dealing with these pictures now!)

Here’s Jake playing “Super Baby” with Kieran when we got together around Thanksgiving.

And here’s Andy and Lisa that same evening:

And this one’s just cute:

Tired Daddy and Baby at Christmastime:

Another cute one:

All of these (and more) are available at our Flickr account, including original sizes.

And lastly, here’s a video I shot of him last night after his bath. I’m sure only Jess and I (and maybe our parents) are the only ones who would enjoy sitting through all 4 minutes of this, but I’ll post it here anyway. Enjoy!

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