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May 8, 06:57 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Yes that’s right boys, the time has finally arrived:

Lisa and I are moving in together!!

After a brief but tumultuous apartment hunt, we found a lovely, affordable 2 bedroom with full kitchen on 109th street, just 7 blocks from Columbia. We move in on June 17th. I’m pretty sure our official new address is:

210 W 109 ST #33
New York, NY 10025

Phone numbers and e-mails will stay the same, of course.

Now that this is official, you guys MUST come and visit! This would be a perfect time to renew talk of a potential New York trip – with a spare bedroom and our living room we’d have plenty of space to host 5 lovely ladies like yourselves for a weekend. Any takers?

And while I’ve got your attention, I’ve gotta acknowledge Sarah, whose graduation announcement came in the mail today. Congrats on finishing!

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Mar 19, 02:27 PM · from the mouth of Andy

I think it’s high time we start thinking about our annual summer get-together. Is there anything you guys would particularly like to do, or any particular place you’d like to go? In recent years we’ve done Colorado, Viriginia/North Carolina, Delaware, and most recently CT for Tyler’s wedding.

So naturally, I think it’s high time you all came to NYC! There’s plenty to do here: museums (including one about sex), aquariums and gardens, parks, hiking not too far away, beaches, free outdoor concerts, breweries, bars, baseball (including $8 tickets for the shitty-ass Mets), famous tourist destinations, shows: you name it, we’ve got it. Oh, and Bryan, did I mention that we have AQUARIUMS? ;-)

But I’m certainly open to suggestions if you guys have other ideas.

Is there any good time for any of you? My summer is obviously relatively free with summer vacation and all, but 4th of July weekend and labor day weekend would be ideal times for me to skip town. If we want to do NYC, I could have you guys literally anytime in July or August.

So let’s get brainstorming so we can keep the tradition alive!


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Feb 12, 09:01 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So it finally snowed. Now I can cease my worrying about how 50+ degree days in mid-winter are a clear sign that global warming is starting to take its toll, portending the obliteration of my island home by rising sea levels, forcing me to move to New Jersey where I’ll identify my new locale to others by what highway exit I live near.

Nope. Instead I get to dig out my car. But on the bright side, we have a 2 hour delay at school tomorrow. And there was much rejoicing (yay).

On another note, you guys should come to my wind ensemble concert on March 5th. It’s a Latin American theme, and Leo is playing a solo with us on his flute. Check the link

K, time to put on my jammies and have a Sammy.

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Lazy Sunday

Dec 23, 07:01 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg from SNL made this hilarious rap video, and it has already made its way to the internet.

Those of you who saw SNL last weekend will recognize this – it’s easily the funniest thing they’ve had on in years, though that spelling bee sketch was pretty darn funny too.

Crazy delicious!

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I'm famous!

Dec 9, 12:31 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Hey Boys,

Holy hell, this site is dead! Not even any comments for a couple weeks – what’s wrong with us?!

Anyhoo, the stars have aligned to make today especially important/fun for me. I guess.

There is an article about me in today’s Town Times. Check it out!

Also today is my third anniversary with Lisa. We’re gonna go see a Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor tonight, and then do some other stuff…... (wink wink, nudge nudge)

ALSO tomorrow I’ve got another wind ensemble concert.

ALSO since it snowed so much today I got the day off from school. Yipee!! But that unfortunately means I’ll be spending my afternoon digging my car out. =(

And speaking of all things white and creamy, who’s gonna be around for xmas? I’ll potentially be in CT from the 23rd to the 28th, then I’m spending New Years with Lisa’s family in Ohio. I’d love to see you guys!

Someone say something!


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Sit on my Face

Sep 23, 07:00 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Hey boys,

I’ve finally gotten around to checking out those sound files I recorded at the after party. I’m still working on the belch contest between Jim and Connor, but I figured I’d at least whet your appetites with our subdued yet hearty rendition of the classic “Sit on my Face”. Enjoy!

Click to listen

Oh yeah, and I hope to see most of you at the fair this weekend. I’ll be in with Lisa starting tomorrow morning.

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Aug 5, 01:30 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So I finally got around to putting on stuff on my very own domain, which I’ve had for a month now. It’s not much – I’ll get to the rest later. The highlight, though, is that I’ve transferred the Pickled Pollies old website in its entirety!

So please, everyone take a look at and I promise (hope) you won’t regret it!


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We have a reservation!

Jul 31, 06:26 PM · from the mouth of Andy

OK boys, I’ve heard from most of you so I went ahead and made us a reservation down in the Rehoboth Beach area for Labor Day weekend.

We’ll be staying at a cabin on a campground 2.5 miles from the beach (and the brew pub) from Saturday – Monday (I can extend it back to friday with no extra charge if you guys say the word!) We’ll all have beds and a fridge (key for the beer!) and a firepit outside, but we’ll need bring our own linens (sleeping bags) and cooking supplies. We’ll be roughing it in the sense that we’ll have to walk outside to the bathroom!

John, Bryan, and Jake have confirmed, so I’ll be in touch with you guys about paying for it – it’s not expensive! Tyler gets a free ride since it’s his last chance to pleasure us all. Jimmy, we’ll be sure to take plenty of naked pictures and send them to you.

We should start planning an itinerary. So far, I have:

Saturday: drive, check in, beer, beach, beer, beer.
Sunday: beer, breakfast, beach, beer, beach, beer, beer
Monday: beer, check out, drive

Any other suggestions? You guys should check out The Rehoboth Beach Chamber of Commerce for some ideas, keeping in mind our commitment to Dogfish Head Beer . Also, the place we’re staying (and where I’ve made a non-refundable down payment) is here .

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Bachelor Party Ideas

Jul 15, 08:32 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Maybe you guys have missed some of the discussion on the “Room Service” thread about this, so I’ll recap a little.

We need to have a bachelor party for Tyler! The wedding is barely 2 months away, so it’s now or never.

Since we’re so far apart, it’ll be really hard to plan something close to the wedding, both in time and in geography. So here’s my suggestion:

Let’s take a weekend sometime in August or early September and go to the Dogfish Head brew pub in Delaware. That’s the place that put out the raisin beer (Raisin d’etre) that we had at Ty’s place. Now Ty has suggested that we do more than just that, like camping or beaching or all getting fabulous pedicures. It turns out that’ll be easy since the place is located in Rehoboth Beach, a very happenin’ place. And I’m gonna suggest that we go Labor Day weekend, since we’ll all have more time off then.

So please, everyone, share with us your thoughts and your schedules. I’m very sorry, Jimmy, that this may not work for you!

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more beer!

Jun 29, 07:34 PM · from the mouth of Andy

The NY Times today ran an article on American Pale Ales. Very interesting!

Here’s the article

On that same note, I’ve been following through with a promise to myself to try as many new beers as possible that are available in my ‘hood. There are lots! I’m fortunate to live near at least 3 stores with ecclectic selections. In the fridge currently is Grolsch lager, which tastes like cream soda in the best possible way – very tasty and satisfying!

On a sad note, though, the wind ensemble’s regular post-rehearsal haunt, a restaurant called the West End, just stopped offering beer in pitchers. With this move they’ve lost our business forever!

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