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I'm feelin' Halloweenie

Oct 20, 02:32 PM · from the mouth of Jake

The greatest holiday ever is coming up and I think I might have found an excuse to get dressed up. I don’t have access to trick-or-treatin’ or parties not requiring crashing. But I do have open access to playing a pick up game of Frisbee in costume.

King Arthur from Holy Grail Costume I also believe I’ve figured out what I’d like to dress up as. I got some other good suggestions including Invader Zim, Aang from Avatar, MacGyver, or Maverick from Top Gun (though it’d make more sense if I was Iceman since that’s what Kate calls me). But none of those allow me to keep my beard (I think it’s a conspiracy from the ladies) which I’d like to hold onto until outdoor Fall Frisbee is over.

While I was researching the costume I stumbled upon some replica outfits on Amazon. Does anyone else want to claim these for a themed wedding or should I start narrowing my search of potential brides?

What is your quest? [11]

Lego Monty Python

Sep 3, 03:26 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I thought you guys might appreciate this. I remember seeing the Spider-Man video when the second movie came out. So without further adeiu…

Monty Python Knights of the Round Table. (found at The Girl Gamer)

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We're going High-Def

Jul 25, 11:58 AM · from the mouth of Jake Technorati Profile ยท Quick claim for Technorati…

My parents are upgrading our TV this weekend to a sligthly bigger model. The big thing is it’ll be a High-Def LCD Rear-Projection system. It’s the 42′ Sony KDF-E42A10 and it will arrive on Saturday. I thnk everyone’s excited about it…

Sony KDF-E42A10 Television

It’s basically an early birthday present for my dad. And we’re going more for something reasonably priced. Hopefully I can tweak it to perfection.

I think the only negative is that most lower-end TVs don’t have as good an upscaler for regular TV (well that and the World Cup was last month…). So we’ll end up with 10-15 actual channels of beauty. And then the other 200 will be a little muddy. Luckily Pete shouldn’t mind too much while he’s watching Fairly Oddparents. Besides, he’ll be able to hook up his Xbox 360 for HD gaming. :)

Who wants to come over? [1]

Say what now?

Jul 21, 01:48 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I thought about doing a more extensive update to that last comment, but I noticed a couple things I should point out to the masses. So screw life updates… The world is a lot more than me… ;)

TMNT Teaser

TMNT Teaser Screen Capture I’m curious? Does this mean we’ll be watching a 3D version of Joe Versus The Volcano for Andy’s birthday next year?


Coming to us from Gizmodo. Late birthday present for John and his cell phone that he forgets all the time? Maybe with my next paycheck…

I thought there was more than two link in my numerous tabs I have open in Firefox right now… Huh, I’ll just add onto this post as the day progresses if anything else comes up…

Lalala... I'm not listening! [6]

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Apr 3, 11:20 AM · from the mouth of Jake

Sorry about the delay Mr. Pease. I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but yesterday Goofy Guys was moved over to a new server, and one of the configuration settings had to be changed. So there was about 6 hours of downtime or something like that.

Everything should be back to normal now. :) so once again…

Happy (belated) Birthday Andy.

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Old Cartoons Online

Mar 18, 11:15 AM · from the mouth of Jake

Hey boys, Hasbro has put up a bunch of episodes of tv shows. Including Transformers and GIJoe. :)


Some Nostalgia

Feb 24, 10:09 AM · from the mouth of Jake

This has been building for a couple days because I keep getting distracted at work. A while ago my mom dug up some old pictures. From our graduation. :) It’s a little weird to see how we looked almost ten years ago. I almost look like a skeleton. I guess my mom didn’t need to spend any money on me at Halloween.

graduation shot: smile! graduation photo: strike a pose!

And my maternal grandmother, who I’m pretty sure you’ve all met at least once, was taken by an online scam. So she’s filing for bankruptcy and we’ve been cleaning her house. Along with a progress report from Ms. Brockett my mom found this 1994 holiday concert program.

Front and back of 1994 holiday progam.

Insides of 1994 holiday program.

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BeerXML for all the nerds out there

Feb 20, 03:54 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m not sure why people would need this. I mean I’ve seen XML stuff for basic recipes but it would make more sense to extend that than come up with a new format. Beer and technology. :)


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Ninja and Zombie

Feb 3, 04:09 PM · from the mouth of Jake

How’s this for random? :) (from: Screenhead)

“Ninja and Zombie is a short film and internet serial about the daily lives of a ninja and his roommate, a zombie .”

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Kids in the Hall

Jan 22, 11:28 PM · from the mouth of Jake

It’s no Python, but if only we lived in California we could go see Kids in the Hall. :(


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