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We're Back!

Jan 13, 02:10 AM · from the mouth of Jim

Well, bed time is going to be incredibly early tonight, but I figured I’d send out an “Ay ‘mon” to everyone. Yes, Jamaican’s really do say that, ‘mon. And after you say “thanks”, they really do say “no prob lem”. (Kinda hard to convey the Jamaican accent, but you can imagine it.)

Anywho, the bloggin’ situation from the ship was hard – I didn’t have a lappy of my own and the wireless on the ship required that I take Sarah’s lappy up to the ‘puter lab to xfer files, and we were busy, and the internet was uber expensive ($.40/minute) and I was lazy and so on – but!!! I was a good boy and took notes for every single day that I have not yet posted… so the weekend’s project is to write all the remaining entries. I’m also going to retrofit all of my entries with picatures.

To all the people using CSS aware browsers – I was horrified to open the Seminar section in Mozilla today. I used a prebuilt theme and never had the chance to view it in anything other than Internet Exploder. Anyway, so I’m sorry it looks like ass in Mozilla, and probably any other CSS strict browser. People should be shot for producing such specific code and then not specifying that it has only been tested in IE – especially textpattern people! I seriously thought that textpattern people strove for compliance…

Anymoo – so yeah, we’re back and tired and the return trip went fine and all that. My back is still healing well and it seems as though I gain a bit more strength or flexibility in it every day. I still have major numbness in my leg and foot, but who knows how that’ll all pan out – there’s always that tiny little chance that I’ll have it for the rest of my life. I have a followup with the surgeon’s office tomorrow afternoon, so it’ll be muy interesting to see what they say. I’ll keep ya’ll up to date.

So thar ye go. More to come…

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Dec 21, 10:28 PM · from the mouth of Jim


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Now that Andy is famous...

Dec 9, 11:46 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Hey Andy, what instrument are you playing here? :) And yes, I am proud that my first posting in, well, forever is juvenile.


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ACR 3.2 released

Sep 22, 05:45 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Oh great TyTy – so far you’ve only mentioned tipping some back for yourself – how ‘bout us? ;)

Wow – Ireland sounds so dang cool. I wanna see and hear bats!

K, so, ACR 3.2 has just been released and now lists the D50. People on the lists have confirmed that it’s working with the D2x and that the WB is being supported properly; so it’s a safe bet that this has also been fixed for the D50.

Unfortunately, rumor has it that ACR 3.x is only supported in Elements 3.x and in Photoshop CS2 – so if you’re using CS, you need to upgrade.

Let me know if I can help ::wink:: with anything. :)

Keep tippin’ ‘em back!


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Paging all women-folk

Sep 9, 01:19 PM · from the mouth of Jim

So – funny question – what are the women-folk of the ussen’s wearing to the funer… er, wedding? K, so here’s why I ask. Sarah and I are so used to being hired help in weddings that, quite frankly, neither she nor I have any clue what a woman should wear to one of these things as a guest. :)

I know… odd ehh? But seriously – what’re Lisa and Jackie planning on wearing? Other dates/sig. others?


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A New Technique

Aug 26, 01:56 AM · from the mouth of Jim

So, first of all, I’ve gotta say that I’m not intending that this be interpreted as any type of pissing contest after TyTy posted his pics. I found a couple of new post-processing techniques today and the A.D.D. took over my soul.

This was the result… (click to enlarge)

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A pile of wedding stuff

Aug 21, 03:51 AM · from the mouth of Jim

What’s the final word; to suit, or not to suit?

K, so was there any final resolution to the suit debate? Shall we all be wearing black suits, or shall we all be in the buff? I hold my original stance on buying suits…

Our itinerary

Here’s the plan for the us:

Thursday, Sept. 15th, 3022
Arrive LGA @ 23:30 – take a ride into Harlem and crash with Andy? ::puppy eyes::

Friday, Sept. 16th, 2020
Shower after a hot night of partner swapping with Andy and Lisa. Ride Andy’s train or automobile into CT. Do the Dew, do doo, doo doo doo. Mahna mahna…

Saturday, Sept. 17th, 1997
Defecate on the alter.

Sunday, Sept. 18th, 1791
Go view the ol’ romping grounds. Visit Lymans during Harvest. Drive around and see what we can see of the state. Have lunch with the paw and dinner (Lenny and Joes) with the maw. Hopefully crash with the maw.

Monday, Sept. 19th, 0
Head back to da city. See a show, eat the food, see the city, etc. Sarah’s been to the End of ze World, but she ain’t seen the city yet. Maybe crash with Andy again? ::puppy eyes:: ::slurping sounds:: ::the sound of a tube of vaseline being squeezed::

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 2005
Depart LGA @ 13:46

Sunday – any plans anyone?

So, as you can see from above, we’re gonna try to make Sunday a “see the swamp from which the evil known as Jim came forth” day. If anyone has nothing to do, we’d sure love company. Same holds true for Monday, actually, but we figure you’ll all be working.

K, so that’s all folks… Just wanted to let people know what our plans were.


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Kill some time

Aug 11, 02:04 PM · from the mouth of Jim

From an email forward:

For those of you who have nothing better to do – try this.

Beer Cannon

Just aim the beer canon towards the open mouths of the folks who stand and click the mouse. Put the circle right on the mouths, and don’t forget that German cows like beer too.

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Jul 3, 09:36 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Yeah yeah, get over it – I’m shamelessly flaunting my shit. But c’mon… like you wouldn’t show this off!


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Triumph strikes again...

Jun 13, 06:09 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Some high-brow entertainment to enlighten your afternoon…

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